Camilla In San Myshuno

Episode 89: False Confidence

Two Days Later
Webot Home Office | San Myshuno

Twenty-two applications, a few loaves of bread and a batch of cookies later, Camilla finally got a call back from a potential employer. It wasn’t just any employer though, it was the employer of all employers, it was Webot — one of the largest technology companies in the world. They were headquartered in San Myshuno but had offices everywhere from Willow Creek to Windenburg, even Sulani. They were behind so many things — big things — like one of the most popular computer operating systems, a super successful social media platform even the number one video streaming site online. To top it off, they were all about employee happiness which was obvious by their amazing reviews and according to a few of them, the San Myshuno office was state-of-the-art and even had designated café areas in every department so no one was ever without coffee. THEY WERE NEVER WITHOUT COFFEE.

It was everything she ever wanted in a job and the place she always saw herself working. She even still had the t-shirt she got from one of their career events she attended during her senior year in high school. It was one of the reasons she chose San Myshuno for her fresh start in the first place, before she got distracted, and now — out of all the programmers in the city — they wanted to interview her.

She was beyond thrilled — but the butterflies fluttering around in her stomach, weren’t from the excitement of maybe having a personal barista on stand-by. It wasn’t the idea of possibly taking on a huge new role at such an important company, that had her stomach in knots either. It was the reminder of everything else that depended on it — everything she needed to fix, depended on her getting this job.

She knew she was the perfect candidate though. Her programming skills were on point and one of the few things about herself that she was absolutely confident in. She even had a degree in computer science and ten months of on-the-job experience to back them up — but still, she had only been on two other job interviews in her entire life — one that didn’t go so well and another that was more of a formality, and was terrified of bombing again. Even after binge-watching every single interview prep video she could find on online, she still didn’t feel ready — but they were ready for her.

Receptionist: [smiles and waves] Camilla?
Camilla: [breathes deeply] Yes?
Receptionist: Sofia’s ready for you.

As she followed the receptionist back to the large corner office where Sofia Martinez, the Director of Software Development, was waiting for her, she quickly went over the answers to a few of the questions she practiced the night before, trying to predict what she would ask first. According to most of the videos she watched, interviewers usually started off with something safe. Questions about your interests or where you’re from — glorified small talk.

Sofia: So, I see you went to college in [glances at her resume] Brindleton Bay. Is that where you’re from?

Seems they were right …

Camilla: [nods] Yes, I lived there my whole life.
Sofia, playful: Oh you’re far away from home girl. From your family, your friends. How does your parents feel about that?
Camilla: They were … apprehensive [laughs] at first, but I’ve been here for almost a year now so it’s growing on them.
Sofia: [smiles] Well that’s good to hear. Having a strong support system is so important, especially for us girls out here doing big things.

Next, they move on to more important things — job related things — like your skills and experience, basically try to see if you’re a good fit for the position-

Sofia: So tell me about your experience with your last job. Describe a few of your projects for me.

Perfect. Talking about work was fun for her — really brought out her inner nerd and allowed her to relax — which was great for situations like these.

Camilla: [details the various projects she completed at the agency]

Then, they give you a chance to ask questions, see if you’ve done your research, find out if you’re really interested in the job or if you’re just looking for a paycheck. This was the last chance to really impress them.

Sofia: So do you have any questions for me?

She did. Just one. One she was sure would really win her over.

Camilla: I do. Something I’ve been wondering since I found out I was meeting you.
Sofia: Okay, I’m listening.
Camilla: How does it feel being the first woman of color to take on the Director of Software Development title before even turning 40?

Sofia’s face lit up.

Sofia, impressed: So you’ve been doing your homework, I see [smiles widely]. I like that.
Camilla: [smiles confidently] I have.

They chatted for a while longer about tech stuff, being working women, their favorite lunch spots — completely off course of the interview. According to the videos — this was it. The part where the interview was over and she would find out the next step in the hiring process. Sofia was clearly impressed by her experience and seemed to take a liking to her personality too. Camilla really had high hopes she would walk away with good news.

As their conversation came to a close, she waited for some sort of confirmation. Something to let her know the job was hers. She was nervous coming in but right then — at that moment — she was confident. Confident that she was about to become Webot’s newest software developer and that all of her problems were about to be solved, but then Sofia asked a question that wasn’t covered in the videos and caught her completely off guard.

Sofia: You didn’t mention it before but what brought you all the way to San Myshuno?
Camilla: Um …

She did not want to go into how she walked in on her boyfriend and her best friend going at it right after graduation and how after she couldn’t take being in the same place with them anymore she took all the money she had saved up and hopped on the first flight to the furthest city she could think of but — they were getting along so well and she didn’t want to risk getting caught in a lie, so she told a half-truth instead.

Camilla: Well, I had some … stuff … going on back home and just really needed a fresh start and … San Myshuno seemed like the place to do it.
Sofia: So did you have a plan or at least a job lined up first?
Camilla: … No but … I did start working at the agency after a few weeks … and now … I’m here …
Sofia, in disbelief: So you just ran away from your problems instead of trying to solve them? Uprooted your life with no kind of direction or anything?

Yes. But that was past her. Past her would run from her problems but present her wouldn’t. Present her was all about fixing things. Not running.

Camilla: I didn’t run from them … I just needed to … start over.
Sofia: Hmm … This makes me wonder how you’ll handle issues here. When you’re confronted with a problem, are you going to stay and fight or are you going to just up and quit?
Camilla: [shakes head] No, I wouldn’t- I would figure it out. I wouldn’t just- I wouldn’t quit.
Sofia: [sighs] You sound really sure about that.
Camilla: [nods] I am.
Sofia: Mhm. Well, thanks for coming in, Camilla. We’ll be in touch.

Hey, you!

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  1. Oh, that old ‘We’ll be in touch’ 😦 I am hoping for the best though. I think she had a great interview and it is kind of unfair how employers will judge you for personal stuff as if they were in your shoes! I hope she gets it though!


    1. I really don’t think employers should pass any kind of judgement on your personal life because like you said, they were not in your shoes! But I do think that overall, the interview went really well and I’m hoping she gets it too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw! Job interviews are terrifying, you never know what questions they’ll ask.
    I hope Sofia realizes that the way we handle personal problems isn’t always related to how we handle work problems! They’re two separate issues and two separate ways of solving things.
    Awesome post as always India ♥


    1. They are! I still hate them today. And I do hope that Sofia can separate her personal life from her work life OR see some good in what she did. Either way, I can’t wait to find out if this all works out for her and thank you so much girl ♥♥


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