The Cowplant Factory – A Restaurant

Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of The Cowplant Factory where everything you eat and drink is judged by a special group of cowplant heads that oversee the facility. You’re probably on your way out the door at this point but at least try the Cowplant Essence Meringue Pie first, you won’t be disappointed!

Lot Size: 30×20
CC Required: shutters / cowplant heads / wall panels
Optional CC: subtle saucer light override
*I have all packs so many of them may be used here

Don’t forget to turn on MOO when placing!

TOU: Don’t re-upload or claim as yours

Direct Download (click link, automatically downloads)
Alternate: SFS (will upload when site is up again)

or on the Gallery: Origin Id: mellocakesmakes

If you use it in your photos on Tumblr, please @ me (mellindi). I would love to see! ♥


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