Fruit & Ficus – A Restaurant

A very colorful and very vegetarian food spot for those who prefer cuisine of the meatless variety. Featured on The Cooking Channel’s Best of the Best Veggie Spots, five years in a row!

Lot Size: 20×20
CC Required: foundation / walls / blinds / chairstables / menu / rug / plant / wall plants / wall hexagonsoutdoor plant
Optional CC: subtle saucer light override
*I have all packs so many of them may be used here

Don’t forget to turn on MOO when placing!

TOU: Don’t re-upload or claim as yours

Direct Download (click link, automatically downloads)
Alternate: SFS (will upload when site is up again)

or on the Gallery: Origin Id: mellocakesmakes

If you use it in your photos on Tumblr, please @ me (mellindi). I would love to see! ♥

6 Replies to “Fruit & Ficus – A Restaurant”

  1. This build looks amazing! Might I ask in which world you decided to place it in?


    1. Thank you so much! 💗 So I built it in Magnolia Promenade which was kinda silly since I had Oasis Springs in mind and there’s no 20 x 20 lots in that world 🙃 but fortunately it looks great in that world too.


  2. Like I literally just un-merged and remerged my files to put the cc from your last two builds I just downloaded. Now here I go again.


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