Heavy Metal Bar N’ Bowl – A Bar

A bar/bowling alley/karaoke spot located right in the heart of the industrial themed Port Promise. Great for parties, or hangouts or anything really -- as long as you can stand the smog that seems to be invading the air ...

A bar/bowling alley/karaoke spot that I built for my gameplay and now sharing with you!

Lot Size: 30×20
Location: Port Promise in Evergreen Harbor
*I have all packs so many of them may be used here

Don’t forget to turn on MOO when placing!

TOU: Don’t re-upload or claim as yours

Direct Download (click link, automatically downloads)

or on the Gallery: Origin Id: mellocakesmakes

If you use it in your photos on Tumblr, please @ me (mellindi). I would love to see! ♥

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