Jellybean – A Reshade Preset

For Reshade 4.6.1

I’ve been playing with this preset for a little while now and figured I’d share it with y’all since I’ve been asked about my reshade/editing a few times.

Things you should know:

  • This preset was designed specifically with black sims and sims of color in mind. It will bring out the richness of their skin tone without washing out or dulling it in any way. Looks even better with light editing, linked below.
  • Very light preset great for gameplay. I just toggle off MXAO and DOF when I’m playing and toggle back on to snap pics.
  • To achieve the look seen in the reshade + editing photos (the cover photo as well) I use the Warm Light, Warmth and Orange Pop actions from the Sunbloom Action Set by @honeycuts (adjusted according to the photo) and the Topaz Clean and Texture Smoothing actions in the Clean and Clear Action Set by @kaleekalo.
  • I use the No Blu lighting mod by @wrixles​ which makes things a little less blue and a little more orange which I personally love.
  • This preset was created with Reshade 4.6.1 so I don’t know how it would work for older versions. Is reported to be working with older versions of Reshade, specifically version 3.0.8.
  • I’m no expert in any way when it comes to reshade but if you run into trouble with this preset, let me know and I’ll try my best to help you.

Installation Info:

  • Download Reshade 4.6.1 (If you need help or are new to this version of reshade, check out this tutorial which helped me tremendously. 
  • Download MultiLut by @pictureamoebae​. (If you’re confused about how to download this file, please see the answer to this ask.)
  • Turn off Edge Smoothing (this preset does this for you) and so that DOF will work properly.

Shaders Used: 

  • MXAO
  • SMAA
  • DPX
  • Vibrance
  • Colorfulness
  • Color Matrix
  • MultiLut
  • Cinematic DOF

Toggle Keys:

  • MXAO: Num Key 4
  • DOF: Caps Lock


  • Many users have reported having an issue where the mouse is ultra sensitive after installing Reshade. This doesn’t have anything to do with this preset or this specific version of Reshade but is a glitch caused by a setting in Origin. To fix this, open Origin > Application Settings > Origin In Game then switch off Enable Origin in game and your problem should be solved.


  • Don’t reupload
  • Don’t claim as yours
  • Enjoy!

Download (click link and preset will download automatically)

Please let me know if there are any issues. It’s my first time doing this!

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Hey, I'm India! Long time simmer, wife, mama and sweet tea enthusiast. I love writing stories inspired by my favorite sims and helping the community find ways to get creative with their games.

8 thoughts on “Jellybean – A Reshade Preset

    1. Hi! It is sort of optional because the preset will work either way but it will affect the colors as the end result is dependent on the LUT as well.

      On pictureamoebae’s page, you would click the download button which will take you to simfileshare, then download the first file (the one with 66 colors), which is the most recent one. Once it’s downloaded, you would unzip the file and place the MultiLut shader in your shaders folder in the Reshade folder that’s located in your Bin folder (the same place you place reshade presets) only if there isn’t a MultiLut shader already in there. If I remember correctly, one came with all of the other shaders with Reshade 4.6.1 so make sure you check first because they will conflict. You then take the texture file that was located in the MultiLut folder you just downloaded and place it in the Textures folder that’s also located in the Reshade folder and that’s it! I hope this helps 😊


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