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Much Needed CAS Upgrades for Sims 4

A breakdown of some really useful mods that open up more options in Create-A-Sim along with some that provide optional but much needed cosmetic changes too.

Note for Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

For those of you who spend a whole lot of time in CAS, whether you’re creating new sims or giving makeovers to older ones, you may find yourself wanting more variety in terms of genetics or even the environment itself. There may be little things you find annoying or things you could use that would make your Create-A-Sim experience a little less difficult (for those of you who use every single slot in the Skin Details section, you know exactly what I’m talking about, lol) but it’s okay — because I have some things that might be exactly what you always wanted or didn’t even know you needed.


More Columns in CAS by weerbesu

Extends the number of columns in CAS from just 2 to 3, 4 or 5 columns! Perfect for players who have a lot of custom content and for items with a ton of swatches.

CAS Presets Mod by zerbu

Adds a huge number of presets for eyes, noses, lips, etc … which provides a whole lot of variety for creating new sims.

Unlocked CAS Parts by fogity

Unlocks CAS items that usually have to be earned through promotions or other gameplay events as well as some NPC items that aren’t available in the catalog at all. Perfect for storytellers who may need the astronaut or mailperson outfits for a scene or someone who just wants access to everything!

For even more CAS unlocks check out these posts by storylegacysims:

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CAS Unlocks v1.1 by crilender

Not to be confused with the mods above that unlocks mainly clothing and accessory items, this mod focuses specifically on genetics. It makes things like tattoos and certain makeup options that are usually locked for kids and toddlers available for all sims in the specified life state. It also makes things like facial hair and occult specific skin details available for all ages, genders and life states.

No CC Wrench in CAS by ClaudiaSharon

A really simple mod that does exactly what the name says and removes the wrench from all CC items in CAS.

Stand Still in CAS Mod by Shimrod101 & Shooksims, updated by MizoreYukii

Makes all sims stand still. Might come in handy for those who have a hard time sculpting the perfect sim because they just won’t stand still!


Tidy Details & Tidy Tattoos by sparrowcc

This mod is a Godsend for all of us skindetailaholics! What it does is place a little orange labeled divider between each category (ie: forehead crease, left cheek mole, acne, etc…) so that you always know what slot you’ve already used. Gone are the days of adding the perfect overlay just to realize you can’t use it because it shares the same slot as the freckles you were planning to use. Does the same thing for tattoos. I honestly could not imagine my life in CAS without it.

Tidy Accessories by sparrowcc

Just like its’ sister mod above, it places a little orange labeled divider between each category in all of the accessory categories and like I said before, it is a Godsend!

CAS Overhaul v2 by luumia

Completely overhauls and improves the lighting in CAS making a better environment for CAS photos. Also includes various CAS background options.


Old School CAS Room for Sims 4 by LittleDica

A throwback to Sims 2 and 3 CAS with the dressing room look. My all time favorite CAS background purely because of the nostalgia is gives me.

Check out the following link for other CAS backgrounds: Other CAS Backgrounds

Note: You can only have one CAS Background installed at a time. You must remove any custom CAS Background before installing a new one.

Credits: weerbesu, zerbu, fogity, crilender, claudiasharon, sparowcc, luumia, storylegacysims and littledica for their amazing mods & custom content!


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