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Okay so I finally figured out a solution to my problem with Camilla’s story so we can expect it’s return very soon! With this solution tho, will come some changes which I’ll outline below.

Camilla in San Myshuno has ended. What this means is that the original story which followed Camilla’s day-to-day life after moving to San Myshuno is done. I made this decision because I realized that not having a proper ending or a real goal in mind made it virtually impossible for me to finish the story and instead forced me to constantly create new plot lines or whatever just to keep the story going. In realizing this, I also realized that I hate writing this way and need to establish a clear ending for the story so that I have something to work towards and avoid losing motivation. Y’all already know this but this story was not intentional so I had no idea what it would become and pretty much winged all of it. Knowing what I know now tho, that it would be a story about relationships and their many complications, especially when there is baggage, age/maturity differences, etc… involved, I would’ve positioned things to end shortly after Camilla and Salim made up after their big fight (Episode 95: A Few Words) because it showed hope for the future and I think that would’ve been a perfect ending for the couple who had so many odds/people (peeks over at @phoenixfg, lmao!) against them but was able to overcome them/win them over. So with that being said, the last official episode of the story is Episode 98: Impressions Pt: II, which was the Winterfest Dinner with Nura and Aahana. I’ll remove the last episode I posted, Episode 99 (the one with her at work) shortly, because it’s not relevant anymore.

So where does that leave Camilla and Co. you ask? It leaves them on the road to several mini-series or spin offs, whatever you decide to call them! These mini-series/spin offs will still follow them as they did before but will dip in and out of their lives at different times. They will be their own stories with their own plots with a clear cut ending. So for example, one mini-series may take place during the summer with a plot that ends in a few weeks (story time). The next one may pick up a year later, during the winter with a plot that covers the entire year. It really just depends on what’s happening. I feel like this will be a fun way to continue writing about these characters that I love so much but in a way that doesn’t drag on a story that really should’ve ended already.

If you find any of this confusing or have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out! The first episode of the newest story will be out soon so be sure to sign up below so you don’t miss it!


  1. I had Episode 99 up for a week just enjoying the read, and its hilarious to me that you’ve deleted it. The whole dinner scene with their clutched hands and the delicious food was so cute 🙂 I was caught up in the moment. Oh well, I’m excited and can’t wait to see where your creativity takes us next!

    1. Ahh! Thank you so much for this comment 💕 I loved Episode 99, it was fun but it was also leading us into a new plot that won’t be addressed so I took it down to avoid any confusion. I’m currently working on the prologue of the first episode and I can’t wait to get it done and uploaded here!

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