Suspicion in San Myshuno | The Prologue

And we’re back with Camilla in Co. almost two years (19 months to be exact) after the last episode of Camilla in San Myshuno: Episode 98: Impressions Pt. II and here’s a little taste of what’s going on in the Benali-McNeal household:

Things are great between Camilla and Salim. Their relationship is stronger than its ever been and she has no doubt that he’s her soulmate.The struggles from before that they fought so hard to overcome are a thing of the past and they trust each other 100% — that is, until something happens. Nothing big, just a tiny, seemingly insignificant detail that throws everything off and sends her suspicions on high alert. As she spirals off into her own little investigation she begins to realize that the weirdness that’s going on isn’t just with Salim, it’s with everybody! Hopefully she doesn’t drive herself crazy trying to get to the bottom of it all!

*FYI: The format of this story will be the same as the original story in chapter like format (no captions).

See y’all soon with the first episode!

Hey, you!

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6 Replies to “Suspicion in San Myshuno | The Prologue”

    1. You’ll find out the answer to this in the very next episode but I will say that I think you know Salim pretty well!


      1. Funny you should say that! I’m actually in the middle of reading Episode 1: Third Degree and lord have mercy! Camilla’s mom was just so rude to poor Salim. Usually I’m super polite especially with strangers but I would have snapped back at her.


      2. Same here! But he’s definitely used to it by now. I think one thing that keeps him from taking it personally is that he tries to remember that she’s always in mama bear mode so when he does, he’s able to kind of brush it off which I know can’t be easy!


    1. Oooooh, this is the first guess I’ve gotten heading in this direction. We’ll see if your assumptions are right pretty soon!


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