Graylight: The Return

Graylight Returns!

Lux and Dre make a comeback in the return of Graylight!

I’ve been so nostalgic lately and finding myself wanting to write about these two again so that’s what I’ll be doing!

This time around, instead of posting their day-to-day lives like I used to, I’ll be posting the major plot points I had planned for them with an explanation under each episode. This way we get to see things play out and I can elaborate on whatever I think is missing especially since we were getting into flashbacks and everything when the story ended.

Now let’s talk about where we left off. In the last episode, Lux was out with Ali who was in the middle of confronting her about this “secret” pregnancy of hers that she heard about from her sisters. During this conversation, we also visited the past when Lux went behind her parents’ back to spend her 16th birthday in San Myshuno with Dre and was clearly about to get caught.

Since I ended right before what was about to be a pretty intense scene, I’m going to skip the part in the flashback where Nicky and Ali showed up in San Myshuno and instead move on to what would’ve been the following scene in the story (which happens to also be another intense scene, lol).

I already have all the pics taken for the “first” post (just gotta edit & write) so you should be seeing that tomorrow or the day after. I don’t have a real schedule for how I plan to post these updates but I’ve learned a whole lot of ways to make my life as a storyteller much easier in terms of setting up scenes, taking pics, editing, etc… so I’m really excited to revisit the story.

For those of you who are new to Graylight (Lux’s story) and want to get all caught up (it’s a quick read, I promise) Here’s where to start:

  • If you want to start from the beginning where we were still doing scripted gameplay, start here
  • If you want to skip the gameplay, the real story starts here
  • If you want to know enough to understand what’s going on in the upcoming posts, start here
  • If you want to know EVERYTHING, like how Dre went from the boy Lux hated to the one she couldn’t live without, start here (in their teen years)

*Also, the last episode of this story was posted January 31, 2019. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve cleaned out/reorganized my mods folder since then so their townhouse will look a little different in terms of decor and stuff and they all got full makeovers cause my CC is way better now, lol, so FYI, I guess 🙂

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