Graylight: The Return

Episode 1: Ambush

In the opening episode of the "Return", Lux and Ali head back to Lux's townhouse where a surprise guest is waiting for her.

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Ali was concerned about what was going on with Lux. She had become more distant and seemingly avoiding any form of contact that would allow her to see her. They usually talk via FaceTime at least a couple times a week but Lux had been resorting to phone calls only for at least a couple of months. If you remember, Lux is living in San Myshuno which is about 3-4 hours away from her parents in Brindleton Bay (I swear the same living situation with Camilla is completely coincidental. I just really love these two worlds, lol).

She voiced her concerns to Nicky, who volunteered to handle it but ended up letting it go until a few days later when she heard from her sisters (who heard from Ali’s niece, who accidentally found out) that Lux was pregnant. This obviously hurt her feelings that Lux would keep this huge secret from her, so she made a surprise visit to San Myshuno (and left a note for Nicky telling him not to follow her, which he obviously ignored) to get to the bottom of what was going on.

After basically conning Lux into admitting she was pregnant, they discussed her reasons for why she kept this secret — and for so long since she’s about 5 months pregnant at this point — which took us into the past when she snuck off to San Myshuno to spend her 16th birthday with Dre. For those of you who don’t know. Lux and Dre met over the summer in Brindleton Bay (when she was 15 and he was 16) while he was there, visiting his brother. Once he went back home to San Myshuno, they dated long distance so they were pretty much always desperate to see each other, lol. This is where the flashbacks came into play.

Nicky was very strict when it came to her and Dre dating and would always shut down her requests for them to see each other when he was in town (holidays, school breaks, family events, etc…) and basically made them dating very difficult. (This actually caused them to break up for almost two years while they were in high school). Feeling like she had no kind of freedom to do anything, Lux started lying about where she was going and what she was doing so that she could see him whenever she could. Over time, this way of life became something that came easily to her and was a regular part of her routine. As a result of all this sneaking around, Lux and Dre had a pregnancy scare (when she was 16) that Nicky and Ali ended up finding out about (the test was negative btw).

The night of Lux’s 16th birthday when Nicky and Ali found out she was all the way in San Myshuno, they left that night to go get her. When they got there, they found her in the apartment with Dre pants-less and unsupervised, basically telling them everything they needed to know about what went on that night. The comment Nicky made when he said “I should’ve handled your ass last time,” was referring to that night and how he wished that once he got his hands on Dre, he didn’t let him go. When Lux saw how much trouble she was in that night, “I’m sorry,” was the only thing she could say before they dragged her out of there which is exactly why in this episode, Nicky responded with, “You’re always fucking sorry.”

So for Nicky, the lying, sneaking around, pregnancy scare — all of it — is Dre’s fault. As far as he’s concerned, Lux was fine before she met him. She was trustworthy and on the right track to do something “good” with her life but ever since he came into the picture, she just makes bad decision after bad decision after bad decision. And now, she’s supposed to be in school, working on her degree but she’s pregnant, for real this time.

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