Graylight: The Return

Episode 2: Abandoned

Lux struggles with hurt feelings after the fallout with Nicky.

Okay! Let’s dive into this episode!

For those of you that have been here since the beginning, you know that Nicky and Lux have a very special relationship. She was his first born and a literal princess in his mind. As a child, she could do no wrong to the point where he would often side with her over her brothers (twins, Case & Dash) for many reasons — but the most obvious was because she was his “little girl”. Even throughout her teen years, leading up to young adulthood, whenever she did something “wrong” — Nicky would get mad but he always got over it, pretty quickly too.

What’s going on now though, is different. The way he spoke to her when he was leaving was in a way he had never spoken to her before. And the thing he said about being done — that was completely out of character and she had no idea what that could mean — but judging by the way he’s “treating” her right now, she’s pretty sure he wants nothing to do with her anymore and that’s a kind of hurt, she’s having a hard time dealing with.

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    1. You’re right! And I feel like that’s one thing they never think about in these situations. Being mad isn’t gonna make the baby go away, lol. All it does is determine the outcome of his relationship with both of them once it gets here. I hope he realizes that soon!


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