Graylight: The Return

Episode 3: Hurt

Ali has a talk with Nicky about the current state of his relationship with Lux.

Okay! Let’s dive into this episode!

Nicky and Ali both share in the disappointment when it comes to Lux’s pregnancy but there are some other things they see a little differently…

For Ali, she sees the situation not only from a parent’s POV but also from that of a young girl who made a mistake because she got pregnant with Lux when she was her age too. When her sisters found out, they flipped out (she was still living with them) and made sure to let her know that they had absolutely no faith in Nicky for numerous reasons (they weren’t in a relationship, he had a history of running through different women, etc, etc…) so to them — he just did not seem like he was ready for a relationship and definitely not a baby.

Ali lost her parents at a young age. Her mom when she was kid and her dad, early in her teen years so her older sisters (twins Gabriella and Elisha) pretty much raised her and are super protective over her. Even though she knew they didn’t approve, it still didn’t stop her from taking a chance on him anyway. Because of this, she can relate to what Lux is going through and even though this is the complete opposite of what she wanted for her, she wants to make sure she’s there to support her because she knows how it feels not to have that.

For Nicky, all he can see is what’s “happening to Lux”. She’s so smart and has so much potential to do whatever she wants in life. She’s studying journalism so she should be traveling the world once she graduates, writing about all of places she visits. He was even prepared to pay for all of it, just so she didn’t ever have to worry about anything in life. Whatever she needed would always be taken care of just to make sure she was always happy but he feels like no matter what he does for her, she’s determined to throw her life away for this boy — and now this baby. His little girl has to grow up so much faster than she should because she only makes bad decisions whenever Dre’s in the picture. Out of all the things that’s taken place over the years, this one frustrated him the most because her life is about to change more than she probably even realizes, when it didn’t have to and he’s honestly just hurt.

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  1. Ooooh!!! I’m all caught up!! How’d that happen??😯 Your story is so engaging is how!!💛

    Nicky needs to get over it so he can be involved in all aspects of his grandbaby’s life…and his daughter’s as well. Lux and Dre have to know how difficult life is going to get but it’ll be less difficult with the support of the parents. I know he’s hurting buuuut… it ain’t about him!


    1. Ha! Same here! I always go off to try something else then when I come back, they always remind me why they’re my faves. I’m so glad to you feel the same way! And Nicky (I think you meant Nicky) does need to find a way to get over it 😂


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