Episode 4: Gloves Off

Okay! Let’s dive into this episode!

Dre has always been sort of protective over Lux. We got a glimpse of this in the past during the situation with Cesar when he made the mistake of grabbing on her. Even though she can handle herself and doesn’t necessarily need him to fight her battles, if something happens and he finds out about it — he’s going to take care of it — no matter who it is, including Nicky.

It just so happens that Nicky loves a challenge so Dre’s tone, wording, overall demeanor screamed challenge and even tho his 40 something year old self doesn’t need to be arguing/fighting with this 20 something year old boy — all that logic/reasoning that he may have had went out the window when he stepped to him.

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2 Replies to “Episode 4: Gloves Off”

  1. Shidd don’t sleep on them 40+ year olds. Some hit hard and have years of life experiences to power those punches.


    1. Oh I agree 100%! Nicky can fight so he’s nothing to play with. I just meant that he, at his age, knows better, that’s all, lol.


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