Graylight: The Return

Episode 5: Fall Out

Lux and Dre deal with the fallout from his little trip earlier in the day.

Okay! Let’s dive into this episode!

Aja tells Lux EVERYTHING. Anything that goes on in that house, she’s sure to report back to her big sister so of course, once things settled down and she was able to sneak off into her room with her phone, Lux was her first point of contact.

When Dre left earlier that day for class, Lux had no idea he was going to see her dad so getting that text from Aja was a complete shock. Add that shock on top of him intentionally ignoring her calls/texts and you get a very angry Lux who can be a little confrontational and a lot … reckless…

With everything that had already taken place, Dre knew it was only a matter of time before he would get a call from Lux. He also knew this phone call would turn into an argument and given his current state of mind, he was NOT in the mood for it. Add that aggravation on top of Lux being ready to fight when he got there and you get Dre who is more than likely going to walk back out the door until whenever she calms down.

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  1. Man, I get him not wanting to argue but he knows his girl. He could have picked up and told her they’d talk about it later or something! I get why Lux is upset but she also has to see his point of view. It’s a messed up situation for sure!

    And I know she’s gonna be alright with the baby but she does need to be careful!

    Ugh! Your writing and pics are just awesome!

    1. I agree! He should’ve at least answered the phone cause he knows her well enough to know that she was gonna be pissed when he finally got home! And I feel like Lux would’ve been at least a little open to hearing his reasons for why he did what he did but all that went out the window around the 3rd unanswered call 😂

      She will be okay with the baby like you said but she does need to be more careful. When she gets all in her feelings and starts acting up, she tends to forget she’s pregnant (hence running up and down those stairs all the time 😂)

      And thank you so much for the compliment and always leaving me these good ass comments! I appreciate all of it! 💗

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