Camilla: Vol 1

Life of Camilla McNeal: In Six Photographs

A little peak into Camilla's life throughout the years based on a simblr tag game.

I got tagged to do this cute little tag on simblr which shows your favorite sim throughout the ages and since I chose my favorite girl, I wanted to post it here too with a little more insight into the photos and what her life was like during each time.

The Ages

Age 2 – May 1999
“First Day of Daycare”

For the first two years of Camilla’s life, her mom, Bridgette, was a stay-at-home mom. Once she turned two, Bridgette felt it was time for her to go back to work (designing cakes for a local bakery) and enrolled Camilla in daycare. Camilla — a little shy and a little more clingy — did not take well to this change and cried every single morning for an entire year. It was a very… trying time for the McNeal family.

Age 7 – September 2004
“Picture Day”

Camilla’s second grade teachers would describe her as a sweet girl who would probably grow up to be a talented artist one day seeing as she couldn’t seem to stop doodling in all of her textbooks. She wasn’t very outgoing though and seemed to prefer sitting on the sidelines vs. engaging in activities with her classmates unless they made the first move. If they did, she would jump at the offer and her inner social butterfly that seemed to lay dormant most days, would come out in full swing.

Age 13 – March 2010
“S.T.E.M Field Trip”

In middle school, Camilla exchanged her coloring pencils and love of drawing for a laptop and brand new interest in coding. She joined the school’s S.T.EM club and fell deeper in love with computers and technology. Future best friend, Jada, moved in the neighborhood around this time and they quickly formed a friendship.

Age 16 – March 2013
“College Tour”

As a sophomore in high school, Camilla was already planning for college. She had her eye on a few universities who all had great Computer Science programs and was working really hard on keeping her grades up to make sure she was an ideal candidate. She also started dating and got herself a boyfriend — a fellow S.T.E.M club member. The relationship only lasted a few months — despite the fact that she thought it was true love — but she recovered and swore off dating for the remainder of high school.

Age 21 – February 2018
“21st Birthday”

This was the prime of her life! As a junior in college — majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Graphic Design — she had finally come out of her shell and her social life was flourishing because of it. She and best friend, Jada, were still going strong and she had just started dating Brandon, a star player on the school’s basketball team, who she could really see having a future with. College life was everything she wanted and more and she was so excited for her future!

Age & Date Unknown
“PTA Treasurer Badge Photo”

After all of the… events (the period in which her story exists) that take place in between Age 21 and the present photo, Camilla is now grown-grown and presumably married with kid(s). Judging from the description on the photo, we can assume that she’s definitely 30+ (I’d even say somewhere between 35-45) with children old enough to be in elementary school. We don’t know what the future holds for Camilla yet but I want to believe she’s happy. Just wish she would give us a real smile so we could tell, lol.

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    1. Thank you so much! I was hoping we could see a little bit of her personality in each photo so I’m so glad to hear it worked! ♥

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