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A question and answer column for simmers all about Sims 4 gameplay, advice, how-to, etc… Get your question in to be featured in the next column!

A new Q & A column for simmers like you!

I’ve mentioned this in another post outlining my 2021 goals for this blog but now I’m making it official — Ask Mellindi (yes, this was the best name I could come up with, lol) is happening!

What’s Ask Mellindi?

Well, it’s a column (think dating advice, but for Sims 4 gameplay and mods) where you submit your questions to me regarding gameplay help or advice, how-to with certain mods, how to go about building sim houses, etc… and I compile them along with detailed answers based on my own personal experience or research, in an easy-to-read format.

Why are you doing this again?

Honestly, I’ve answered tons of questions like this over on Tumblr. So much so that I designated an entire tag to it! Thing is though, asks aren’t as easy to navigate over there and searches don’t always bring up what you’re looking for, especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for in the first place! So I decided to do something about that and give these kinds of questions their own home. This way, people have an official place to ask questions and others, who may be looking for the same information, have an easier way of finding it.

Okay so, how often do you plan to post these?

The goal is to have a new post published weekly. The actual day is still TBD.

If I submit a question, will my name and email address be posted too?

Nope! Only the question and answer will be published.

Cool! How do I submit a question?

Just drop it in the submission box below. Since this is an ongoing thing, submissions will always remain open so feel free to drop a question any time. 😊

Answered questions

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