Camilla in San Myshuno

Episode style story (think TV meets long descriptive captions) about a girl trying to navigate her way through life and its many, many difficult situations

Twenty-two-year-old, Camilla McNeal, moves out on her own, for the first time, to the big city of San Myshuno. She quickly settles into her new life, with a new job, new friends and new relationship. With this new life though, she’s starting to learn that sometimes, life and everything in it is just … complicated.

The Cast

Please be aware that this story contains adult content/themes such as profanity, sexual situations (not graphic, but still suggestive), pregnancy and abortion. All episodes including sexual situations have the “18+” tag on them. Please skip if it’s not your thing or you’re under 18.

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*Notes: This story started as a casual gameplay and somehow turned into a story. Funny how that happens sometimes! Also, the format changes several times throughout the story as I work more on my writing and transition from Tumblr’s photoset format to one more appropriate for this blog.