Camilla – Vol One: Impulse

Camilla’s back!
But this time in a brand new version of her story!

Following a traumatic breakup, 24-year-old, Camilla McNeal, finds herself starting over, in a brand new city. With this new life comes new friends, new more-than-friends and unfortunately, new problems. As time goes on and decisions are made though, Camilla begins to realize that old habits are hard to break even when you’re miles away…


Please be aware that this story contains adult content such as profanity, sexual situations (not graphic, but at times, very suggestive), pregnancy, abortion, recreational drug and alcohol use as well as other themes like anxiety/panic attacks that may be integral to the plot. All episodes including sexual situations have a disclaimer at the top. Please skip if it’s not your thing or you’re under 18 and you’re still reading anyway…



As most of you know already, Camilla in San Myshuno started as gameplay that quickly turned into a story. Because I went in with no plan, no direction and no intentions of even writing another story though, I allowed gameplay to determine a lot of things that happened within the plot. This was fun at first, but over time turned into something that strayed from the vision I developed for the story and one that I didn’t enjoy writing anymore. I took a few months off towards the end of last year to do some writing for myself. Since this story is very special to me, I wanted to give it another go and create it in the way that I envisioned. As I started writing though, I realized that one of the reasons I love telling sim stories is because I love having the visuals to go along with the prose. It provides such a full experience and I missed that (and you guys). With the encouragement of my friends, I finally decided to start working on the sim version of the story so now I’m sharing it with y’all.


It’s still here and will stay here. Some core pieces of the plot (and character backstories) will remain, others won’t. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what changes were made!

As always, thank you for the love and support and I hope you enjoy ♥

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