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Episode 1: Meet Camilla

Most of y’all know already that I’m a stay-at-home mom but recently I started working again (part-time) so with that and life itself being way busier than usual, anything that … Continue reading Episode 1: Meet Camilla

Episode 2: Apartment For Rent

Camilla rented one of the only vacant apartments in San Myshuno that was within her price range, 2B Jasmine Suites, which just happens to be a 2 bedroom. She does’t have a … Continue reading Episode 2: Apartment For Rent

Episode 3: Room For Rent

She got right on that roommate search and set up a profile with, a popular roommate matchmaking service for San Myshuno residents. Now we wait patiently for some matches!

Episode 4: Rejection

In the meantime, she needs to find a job so naturally she hit up the internet for opportunities. She found one at a tech company by the name of Rainy Day … Continue reading Episode 4: Rejection

Episode 5: Matches

Good news! found her three interesting, but potential matches. After reading over each of their profiles, she messaged one of them who agreed to meet up with her tomorrow to see … Continue reading Episode 5: Matches

Episode 6: New Roommate

Out of the three matches, Camilla felt Cassandra was the best pick. She didn’t have any weird demands and her needs were relatively simple. She still wanted to meet her first tho, you know, to … Continue reading Episode 6: New Roommate

Episode 7: New Neighbor

Camilla ran into Jesminder, her neighbor from across the hall, who invited her out to lunch. Before they could even get their food, she started telling her all about the last person … Continue reading Episode 7: New Neighbor

Episode 8: Change of Plans

Cassandra asked Camilla to meet up with her to talk. She had bad news. She couldn’t be her roommate. Long story short, after coming clean to her parents about dropping out of school, … Continue reading Episode 8: Change of Plans

Episode 9: Employed

Camilla is officially a freelance programmer with The Naked Gnome Creative Agency! Now that she finally has a job, she may not need a roommate after all.  *The name of the creative … Continue reading Episode 9: Employed

Episode 10: Working Girl

Camilla’s FINALLY getting jobs now, a few weeks after joining the agency. Rent was due last week (she had enough saved up to pay it) but she’s damn near broke now. … Continue reading Episode 10: Working Girl

Episode 11: A Little Crush I

Sooooo, there’s this guy that works for the agency too, Salim, that Camilla may be … into. I mean, thoughts of him were enough to interrupt her lunch and he may be part … Continue reading Episode 11: A Little Crush I

Episode 12: A Little Crush II

After lunch, she went upstairs to the cafe where she knew she would find him ordering his usual, a double espresso, same as always. She spotted him almost immediately through … Continue reading Episode 12: A Little Crush II