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Episode 13: Book Talk

She sat down at his table and sparked up a conversation about their favorite topic, books. It was the one thing they had in common. He wrote them and she … Continue reading Episode 13: Book Talk

Episode 14: Ask Him Out Already

Cassandra listened to Camilla enthuse about yet another G-rated encounter with Salim at work. She then listened to her make excuse after excuse for why she won’t stop playing and just ask him out. Cassandra: So … Continue reading Episode 14: Ask Him Out Already

Episode 15: Texting …

Later that Night. She gave some thought to Cassandra’s advice and while she didn’t ask him on a date or anything, she did text him instead of waiting to track him down at … Continue reading Episode 15: Texting …

Episode 16: It’s A Date

Salim gave Camilla his number two months ago and last night was the first time she ever used it. For two whole months, he followed her lead, randomly bumping into each other at … Continue reading Episode 16: It’s A Date

Episode 17: Date Ready

The number of things Camilla cooks well is a pretty small one but when it comes to her favorites, grilled cheese and mac and cheese (she loves cheese), she considers herself a … Continue reading Episode 17: Date Ready

Episode 18: The Date I

She could never predict Salim’s work schedule. Sometimes he was early, other times he was late. She wondered if this was just his personality, if he was more of the free-spirited-on-my-own-time type or if … Continue reading Episode 18: The Date I

Episode 19: The Date II

She cleared their plates from the table and placed them in the sink. For a few minutes, she stood there, thinking. Trying to decide what’s going to happen next. The … Continue reading Episode 19: The Date II

Episode 20: The Date III

*A little sim spice below. Please skip this post if this isn’t your thing. She decided not to send him home …

Episode 21: Unexpected

The Next Day.The Arts Quarter. Salim was on his way home from a meeting at work when he thought he saw a woman he knew standing in front of his apartment … Continue reading Episode 21: Unexpected

Episode 22: Figure It Out

Salim and Aahana were college sweethearts who married shortly after graduation. About four years in tho, they realized they wanted completely different things in life. She wanted to move to a big house … Continue reading Episode 22: Figure It Out

Episode 23: Secrets

Three months later. Salim rolled out of bed and crept into the living room to answer a text. Since his girlfriend who has no idea he has a baby on the … Continue reading Episode 23: Secrets

Episode 24: Conflicts

On the way to the restaurant, they passed the bookstore which reminded Camilla of this event she wanted to go to. Camilla: Oooh, guess what I forgot to tell you?Salim: What?Camilla: Jim Scuttleson, you know … Continue reading Episode 24: Conflicts