Comet: Graylight Prequel

Welcome to Comet! The Prequel to Graylight.

Fifteen and half year old, Lux, is not looking forward to spending this summer in the slow coastal town of Brindleton Bay but she promised her parents she would at least give it a chance. Two weeks into their move, just  when she thought she had reached the highest peak of boredom and was ready to demand they move back home, she meets someone who makes her forget all about her life back in Newcrest.

Please be aware that this story contains adult language and is recommended for readers at least 14 +

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And this place is like my home away from home where I get to express my creativity through the Sims 4. Writing is my main thing so here you'll find sim stories, mod suggestions, tutorials and guides along with a few other things I think you'll like. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Simlish Resources

Creating content using Simlish resources is a fun way to add new content to your game or blog posts that blends right in with the Maxis Match aesthetic. Keep reading for links to fonts and templates that you can use in your next project!

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