• What is your Origin Id: mellocakesmakes
  • What kind of computer do you have? Do you experience any lag?Lenovo Ideapad 110. You can find more info and a list of the specs HERE. For the most part, the game runs fine. I usually only experience lag if I’m playing with reshade running and I have a ton of hi-polycount items in one area with a bunch of sims on one lot but for normal gameplay it runs really well with all settings on high. Update: I recently merged all of my CC using this tutorial and my game runs so much smoother now.
  • What are your graphics settings in game?
  • Do you use reshade? Yep. I switch between a personal preset and Drama by pixelore.
  • How often/when do you post? That varies depending on what’s going on in my real life but I try to post at least twice a week.
  • How do you edit your photos? Answered HERE  and HERE
  • Do you make your own poses? If not, where do you find them? Yes! Sometimes, when I have a specific scene in mind, I’ll make the poses for them. For anything else, I find it by searching Lana’s blog but HERE is a list of pose makers who’s blogs I frequent.
  • Are your poses available for download? Will you share them? I’m just learning to pose and usually make them specific to my sims while keeping specific camera angles in mind. Because of this, I won’t be releasing story poses publicly but I would like to create posepacks to release in the future.
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