Looking for a story to read? That’s great! See, as much I love writing guides and building houses or making sims, I love writing about the sims you see in the photos below even more.

Now about these stories, there’s two so far — well four if you count prequels and sequels — but two main stories.

The first, Graylight, is an episode style legacy story about college students, Lux and Dre, trying to navigate their way through life, together, while dealing with all of it’s curve balls.

Graylight Story Homepage

The second, Camilla in San Myshuno, a story following a twenty-something year old, fresh out of college and on her own for the first time in San Myshuno. Although life becomes really complicated, really quickly, she learns a couple of life lessons while gaining life long friends in the process.

The Camilla Chronicles Homepage

A quick note to new readers:
Both of these stories began as pure innocent gameplay and evolved into stories of their own over time. As you read, you’ll notice a few themes present in both stories — which if you’re anything like me, a huge fan of this genre, you’ll probably enjoy it — but honestly they’re just pure coincidences that may make for fun crossovers in the future!

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