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A Camilla in San Myshuno Mini-Series

Things are great between Camilla and Salim. Their relationship is stronger than its ever been and she has no doubt that he’s her soulmate.The struggles from before that they fought so hard to overcome are a thing of the past and they trust each other 100% — that is, until something happens. Nothing big, just a tiny, seemingly insignificant detail that throws everything off and sends her suspicions on high alert. As she spirals off into her own little investigation she begins to realize that the weirdness that’s going on isn’t just with Salim, it’s with everybody! Hopefully she doesn’t drive herself crazy trying to get to the bottom of it all!

If you’re brand new to Camilla’s life, be sure to read the original story first, Camilla in San Myshuno, so you can get to know the characters better and aren’t all confused about what’s going on now, lol.

As mentioned on the previous story’s homepage, Camilla in San Myshuno began as a gameplay that over time, turned into a story. Because I love the characters and the overall premise of the story, I wanted the opportunity to do it right so I’m doing it over, from the beginning but this time with a fully fleshed out plot and characters.
The new story, Camilla – Vol. 1: Impulse, is airing now.
For more info and to read the story, check out the homepage.

The Cast

Meet the characters from past, current and future stories!

Please be aware that this story contains adult content/themes such as profanity, sexual situations (not graphic, but still suggestive). All episodes including sexual situations have the “18+” tag on them. Please skip if it’s not your thing or you’re under 18.

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