Episode 5: Phones & Stuff

Jesminder makes sure Salim’s on top of this proposal stuff; Later he finds himself in trouble with Camilla … again.

Episode 2: Discrepancy

Camilla just so happens to stumble across a little detail that throws a wrench in Salim’s alibi for the day before; Later she meets up with her friends to help plan a baby shower

Suspicion in San Myshuno | The Prologue

And we’re back with Camilla in Co. almost two years (19 months to be exact) after the last episode of Camilla in San Myshuno!

Episode 92: Omissions

The Next DayStarbucks | San Myshuno With three back-to-back interviews at three different companies on three different sides of town already checked off on her to-do list for the day, … Continue reading Episode 92: Omissions

Episode 87: Gossip

Three Days Later.Salim & Camilla’s Townhouse. | San Myshuno. After what felt like the longest weekend ever, Camilla had the house to herself again. The girls were back in Newcrest … Continue reading Episode 87: Gossip

Episode 74: Girl Talk II

Two Days Later.Starbucks | San Myshuno. Sixteen days … they were at sixteen days now! At this point, Camilla just knew Salim and Aahana would never speak to each other again. He keeps saying it’s fine. … Continue reading Episode 74: Girl Talk II

Episode 65: Girl Talk I

The Next Evening.The Old Salt House Gym | San Myshuno. A brand new gym opened in the Spice District, just a few blocks from Camilla’s apartment. It was huge, had a yoga studio, … Continue reading Episode 65: Girl Talk I

Episode 40: The Appointment

Thursday.Magnolia Medical Center. The next two days flew by fast. Way faster than she wanted them to. The whole time she felt like she was just going through the motions, … Continue reading Episode 40: The Appointment

Episode 37: So I’m …

A Few Days Later.Cassandra’s Apartment. Camilla still didn’t know what to do about her and Salim but she put that problem on hold for a bit to deal with her other one. Ever … Continue reading Episode 37: So I’m …

Episode 30: Intuition

The Next Day.The Spice Market. Cassandra was away on vacation in Brindleton Bay visiting her parents. Against her better judgement, she brought Wolfgang along to meet them for the first time. Needless to say, she … Continue reading Episode 30: Intuition

Episode 14: Ask Him Out Already

Cassandra listened to Camilla enthuse about yet another G-rated encounter with Salim at work. She then listened to her make excuse after excuse for why she won’t stop playing and just ask him out. Cassandra: So … Continue reading Episode 14: Ask Him Out Already

Episode 8: Change of Plans

Cassandra asked Camilla to meet up with her to talk. She had bad news. She couldn’t be her roommate. Long story short, after coming clean to her parents about dropping out of school, … Continue reading Episode 8: Change of Plans