Episode 3: Band-Aid

Salim gets an unexpected call; Later he figures out how to fix things with Camilla from his slip-up at the park

Episode 62: Welcome Back

*A little bit of sim spice below. Please skip this post if it isn’t your thing. or you’re under 18. Later That Afternoon.Salim’s Apartment | San Myshuno. Salim was sure Camilla was in Brindleton … Continue reading Episode 62: Welcome Back

Episode 20: The Date III

*A little sim spice below. Please skip this post if this isn’t your thing. She decided not to send him home …

S3:E6.4 Doom’s Day

S3:E4.1 Jett’s Wife

Note: This episode has a bit of spiciness. Don’t continue scrolling if you don’t want to see 😏

“Lux’s Decision Pt 7” Season 2: Episode 10.1

Season 1: Episode 10.4

Season 1: Episode 2.1