The Map

A look at some of the places Camilla and friends will frequent as well as the distance between them to hopefully give a better idea of how everything is connected. As the story goes on and more regular spots are introduced, I’ll add them here! Keep reading for a little background info for each and be sure to click the photo and “view in full size” in the bottom right corner to zoom in.

Camilla’s Current City

1. Large metropolitan city located north of Colebrook.

Camilla moved here following the traumatic event that she considers “the end of her life.”

Camilla’s Hometown

2. Small coastal town located south of Atwood.

Camilla was born and raised here. Her parents and all ex-friends, ex-boyfriend — ex-everything currently reside here.

South Atwood
Affordable Living

3. Rose Landing – Camilla’s Apartment

The first apartment within her price range that had available units ready for immediate move in. Jesminder lives right across the hall and helped her get settled on her first day which is when their friendship began.

4. Southside Shoppes – Laundromat/Convenience Store

A small neighborhood shopping center where Camilla finds herself making plenty of late night snack trips and weekly laundry runs.

The Heart of the City

5. Atwood Daily News – Camilla’s Job

Just like her apartment, Atwood Daily News was the first job to call her back and put her to work immediately so this is where she works in the mailroom. Cassandra and Salim both work here as well with Cassandra in the mailroom with Camilla and Salim in the Writer’s Room, also known as “Room 3.”

6. Blanca’s Burritos – The Burrito Place

Home to the best burritos in the entire city and everyone’s favorite lunch spot.

North Atwood
Middle Class Neighborhoods

7. Evelyn Station – Salim’s Apartment

Salim’s gift of independence to himself after his long term relationship finally ended.

8. Park at N. Atwood – Cassandra’s Apartment

The place Cassandra’s parents have been reluctantly paying for, for the last three years while she worked on “finding herself.”

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