Vol. One Episode Summaries

If you needed to skip an episode because of triggering or 18+ content, the summaries of those episodes can be found below. Hopefully, this helps all of us stay on the same page! Happy Reading!

(Still working on adding all the episodes with content warnings!)

Episode 4: Plans and Stuff – Part 2

After receiving the eviction notice from her landlord, Camilla spent the entire morning worrying about what to do. This ‘worrying fit’ included thoughts of moving back home and living with her parents and all of the people in her hometown who ‘did her wrong’ again and ended up spiraling into a full blown panic attack which prompted her to reach out the her friends. When she did reach out though, she couldn’t bring herself to tell them that she was struggling with all of those feelings again so instead, she told them about the eviction. They made plans to meet up later to discuss possible solutions. Right after that conversation ended, she ran into Salim on the elevator. She felt really guilty about the way she behaved the last time they saw each other and tried to apologize. He was in a really bad mood, more than likely because of whoever he was texting, and wasn’t really interested in her. His response to her apology was “It’s all good,” and didn’t seem genuine to her. Instead of just accepting it and moving on though (like a normal person, lol) she decided to keep pushing for a ‘real apology’ which resulted in him sort of kind of snapping on her and calling her crazy. This of course, made her mad, so she decided to make a snarky comment of her own about how married men should spend more time focusing on their wives instead of being in other girls’ faces in which he replied, “I’ll remember that, if I ever decide to get married again.” She puts two and two together and realizes that he’s not actually married! She was angry at him for being yet another guy in a committed relationship who was spending time with other girls when he actually… isn’t a guy in a committed relationship.

Episode 5: Stress and Stuff – Part 1

Camilla’s beyond frustrated with her roommate search. There seems to be something “wrong” with every single applicant she interviews. After an entire week of frustration, she was excited to relieve some of this stress with Amir. Usually, they would meet at the hotel, but Jesminder has her car (while hers is in the shop) so she let Amir pick her up from a location a few blocks away from her apartment to keep her address private. At the end of their sexual escapade, she asked him to drop her off downtown. He was very curious about who she was meeting and what she was going to do. He automatically assumed that she was going to meet another guy and displayed hints of jealousy which Camilla noticed. He asks her why she wants him to drop her off on corners and other “secret” places, and she tells him that it’s to be safe in case he’s crazy or a stalker. He then asks her if she thinks he’s going to do something to her and she says its too early to tell.

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