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16 Mods for Better Romance & Relationships in Sims 4

A breakdown of some of my favorite mods that enhance the romance in relationships for Sims 4.

One thing I — and a lot of other simmers — feel is lacking in the game is the level of romance or fun in relationships. After playing for awhile, things start to get real repetitive and real boring. I mean, they can only flirt, embrace, kiss, woohoo so many times before I’m ready to move on. If you’re finding yourself stuck in the state of my-sims-need-spice-in-their-lives too, read on for some awesome mod suggestions.


Note for beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.

Before downloading any mods, be sure to read the full download post and follow all directions specified by the creator. Mods tend to “break” after patches so always check the creator’s website for updates.

1. Wicked Whims Attractiveness System (18+) by turbodriver

This is hands down one of the most exciting mods out there, imo. The attractiveness feature gives each sim their own very detailed preferences ranging from: physical details like hair and eye color, body type, even thigh and butt size — if that’s your kind of thing — and non-physical details like personality type. With this mod, sims are able to find the sim of their dreams all on their own and it’s fantastic. If you’re interested in this feature of the mod but not all the other stuff, check out my article, Making Wicked Whims A Little Less … Wicked, to learn how to customize the settings and turn off most of the sexual parts of the mod.

* This mod is for players 18+ only *

2. SimDa Dating App by littlemssam

Ever wish your sims could expand their dating pool a little? See who else is out there besides the few sims that show up at the bar every night or that one sim that seems to work at every food stall in every world every single day? Well, this mod’s got you covered. From blind dates to one-night-stands, your sim will have more options than they know what to do with. There’s even an add-on for Wicked Whims for those of you who want some really … really fun hook ups.


3. Improved Relationships – Cheating & Consequences by zero’s sims 4 mods

Okay so, this one doesn’t necessarily improve romances — it does the exact opposite actually — because instead of letting sims get away with flirting and messing around with other sims, it provides real consequences for those who decide to stray from their relationship. Sims who are caught cheating can apologize, explain the situation, blame the other sim and even blame their partner. Sims who were cheated on can confront their partner, confront the other sim, forgive their partner or instead fight them. Could you imagine? I can!

4. MC Woohoo by deaderpool

MC Command Center is amazing, we all know this — a literal godsend to this game — but did you know that there was an MC Woohoo and that it does for your sims’ woohoo life what MC Command Center does for the rest of the game? With risky woohoo, no strings woohoo (woohoo friends), birth control options, even a full blown woohoo skill, this mod has so, so much to offer.


5. Slice of Life Mod by kawaiistacie

This mod does a lot of different things that adds interesting and unexpected events to the game. For the purpose of this article though, I’m just going to point out the Memory System which allows sims to finally have memories — real memories — that have a huge impact on their mood. Things like: marriage, divorce, first kiss, first woohoo, being cheated on and break ups will actually affect their day-to-day lives. There’s also a Drunk system that allows sims to make questionable woohoo choices such as: drunk woohoo and risky woohoo.

6. Pillow Talk After Woohoo by shimrod101

This mod just replaces the roll over and sleep or jump straight out of bed animation that usually plays after woohoo with a cute and cuddly one instead. Great for gameplay photos!


7. Ask For A Romantic Massage by littlemssam

If your sim just so happens to have a massage table conveniently located in their house, they can ask for a romantic massage from a love interest. Perfect for a date night at home and will put each sim in a strong flirty mood.

8. Passionate Romance by sacrificial

This mod adds romantic interactions to the game that are super cute to watch play out between sims who are all in lurve. Goose (from Sims 2), romantic hug and romantic selfie are just a few that are included. Install this mod before the Romance Festival and watch all the couples get all snuggly during the event, it’s so cute, I love it!


9. Slow Dance by sacrificial

Adds a slow dance interaction to the game which is so needed for weddings or dates or any occasion where sims are enjoying slow music with their significant other.

10. Romantic Stargaze by sacrifical

Adds a romantic stargaze interaction to the game for couples who like to snuggle while watching the stars. Sounds like a great ending to a sweet picnic date or a night at the beach to me.


11. Autonomous Proposals by polarbearsims

Enables the option for autonomous proposals in the game making it possible for NPCs to ask your sim for their hand in marriage. MC Command Center also has this option that you can toggle on, so this mod is not needed if you play with it.

12. Autonomous Weddings by polarbearsims

Enables the option for autonomous weddings in the game making it possible for sims to marry autonomously either at a wedding arch or by eloping. Perfect if even you want to be surprised when the lovebirds tie the knot.


13. Risky Woohoo by polarbearsims

So this mod makes any and all woohoo risky — meaning unplanned pregnancies are almost always possible. It also includes cool things like fertility levels for sims. I know this doesn’t contribute to romance per se, but I can definitely see a one-night-stand turned unplanned pregnancy turned life long lovers — or not — kind of situation stemming from this. Makes for a pretty interesting story!

14. Love Email Tweak by bienchen83

When your sim sends a love email to a sim of interest, this mod makes it possible for them to be asked out on a date by their crush.

* Scroll down to or search for “loveemailtweak” for the download link *


15. Less Jealous by bienchen83

If you’ve ever played a sim with the Jealous trait, you’ve probably noticed that it can be a bit extreme at times, that they are often tense because of negative thoughts regarding what their partner is probably — but more than likely not — doing behind their back. This mod tones that down some so that they are more likely to be reassured by their partner’s presence.

* Scroll down to or search for “lessjealous” for the download link *

16. MC Command Center by deaderpool

MC Command Center comes up every time I recommend mods because it really does that much. In the case of romance and relationships, it controls all story progression with NPC relationships. Because of this mod, they can get married, have kids, cheat, have kids outside of their relationship, break up and move out without any involvement from you. It also allows you to turn off the random flirting that happens naturally in the game if you find that kind of thing annoying.


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  1. Hi from Brazil! (=^_^=)
    I’ve DeadPool’s MCCC, but I didn’t know that we can turn off the random flerting. Could you quote me where I do this on their dashboard, that is, quote me the way/directory?
    Thanks for your atention.

    1. Hi! To turn off random flirting, you would need to click on a computer in live mode from any household then select the MCCC menu. From there select: MC Tuner > Change Interaction Behavior > Stop Random Flirting and set to true. You will need to restart the game for these changes to take effect but once you do, you’ll be all set.

    1. Hi 👋🏾 There are 16 different mods listed in this article. You would need to click the black box containing the link to the mod’s site and follow the creator’s instructions to download from there 😊

    1. Hi 👋🏾 I’m so glad to hear you found this list useful 😊 For my sims, I use a lot of different things, makeup included, so I’m not sure what each specific sim is wearing but if you check out my resources page on Tumblr, you’ll find a list of my go-to’s and hopefully something you like:

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