Diyustom Review

Not everybody can design a good picture for mugs, T-shirts, etc. Anyway, it requires creativity and aesthetics to make the pictures look good. Don’t worry because you can buy good-looking mugs, t-shirts, and pillows on the Diyustom website.

Diyustom Review
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The price is quite affordable so that you can get more T-shirts (and so on). Diyustom itself is a brand from China. The office is located in Beijing, and the quality of the product is good. Although the owner and establishment year are hidden, it is worth the price. 

Everyone can buy the product online. Diyustom offers many payment methods, such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, GPay, and so on.

Consumers can also get in touch with the brand via social media. Diyustom has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts. So, consumers can get in touch from there.

Even though this company is not mentioned in any press, many customers trust it, resulting in more than 12.2K followers on Facebook and Instagram. Then let’s stay still with this Diyustom review to find the products. Now, let’s begin! 

Why Diyustom?

We know that the brand is coming from China. The country is popular for its affordable prices. Some of Diyustom’s products are doormats, t-shirts, circle ornaments, mugs, acrylic plaques, LED lamps, and so on.

Why Diyustom?
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Every product has a unique, cute, and excellent design. The brand is different from other brands because it uses products made only from special elements. The quality of the brand allows the product to be used for a long time.

You can find information on the internet about how popular Diyustom is. Until now, the number of consumers has been quite large and has come from around the world.

Every product has a review so that consumers can judge for themselves whether the quality is good or not. If you have ever bought a product from Diyustom, you can also provide a review rating.

What's on Diyustom

Every child in this world is born from a mother. Mothers are willing to risk their lives to be able to bring their children into the world. Therefore, Diyustom exists to give happiness to mothers.

What's on Diyustom
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You can also buy gifts for your mom. Why not give the mug? You and your mother can drink from the cup every day. Of course, the mug will remind them of the happy days when you were still living together. Anyway, the price is quite affordable, which is around $24.99 to $28.99.

You can buy a sofa pillow for your mom too, where there is a complete family picture. Diyustom also provides custom things for your partners.

You can print nice pictures on pillows, mugs, t-shirts, and so on. The price of the pillow is around $27.99. If you want to know more about the catalog, you can just search on the Diyustom website.

Diyustom Best Cat Dad Fluffy Cat Personalized Light Color Shirt Reviews

We will inform you about our favorite products, such as the Diyustom Best Cat Dad Fluffy Cat Personalized Light Color Shirt. The t-shirts are on sale for $24.99 to $46.99.

Diyustom Best Cat Dad Fluffy Cat Personalized Light Color Shirt Reviews

In addition, you can choose S, M, L, and up to 4XL for the t-shirt size. Consumers can also select an image for the shirt. On the t-shirt, there is a picture of a pig high-fiving its owner.

There are various pictures of cats, so you can choose the one that most closely resembles your cat. Consumers can also choose the color of the t-shirt.

Diyustom Camping Couple Back View Personalized Doormat Reviews

You want to give them a unique doormat. We offer you a Camping Couple Back View Personalized Doormat. This doormat is suitable for people who have camping as a hobby.

Diyustom Camping Couple Back View Personalized Doormat Reviews

The doormat has high reviews, which means good quality. Don’t worry about the price, either, because it is affordable. You only have to spend $29.99 to $39.99.

There are many colors that you can choose from, such as light, tan, dark, and black. Consumers can choose the RV car too. The printing technique is sublimation, so you can trust the quality.

Images will last a long time, which means they will not fade soon. Furthermore, you can print your name and your partner’s name over there too.

Diyustom Dad Carrying Fluffy Cats On His Shoulders: The Best Cat Dad Ever Personalized Mug Reviews

If you want to give a mug to your friend or partner who keeps cats, you can choose the Dad Carrying Fluffy Cats on His Shoulders: The Best Cat Dad Ever Personalized Mug.

Diyustom Dad Carrying Fluffy Cats On His Shoulders: The Best Cat Dad Ever Personalized Mug Reviews

The mug is also cheap because you only have to spend around $24.99–$28.99. The material of the mug is ceramic. In addition, consumers can choose the color of the mug.

The size of the mug is 11oz or 15oz. You can choose the size of the mug based on your needs. Remember to mention the total number of cats he has.

Just choose the number of cats in the cart before checking it out. Then, you can pay using payment methods such as JCB, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Diyustom Pricing

As discussed, the company offers affordable gifts to purchase. You do not need much money to buy your desired items. Instead, you only need to prepare around $2.99 up to $319.99.

Furthermore, subscribing to the official site will lower the price. Hence, are you ready to receive a promo code for buying your beloved people gifts? 

Diyustom Pros and Cons

We can ensure you that Diyustom is the right choice as a gift. The good side is that Diyustome provides many options as a gift. The price for the Diyustom items is quite affordable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to give gifts to loved ones.

However, consumers will also be faced with many choices. Sometimes, this can make consumers take a long time to choose a gift. But we will give you the advice that you only have to choose based on your heart. If not, you can also select what friends or partners like.

Diyustom Customer Reviews

In the middle of this Diyustom art reviews, the section will focus on the ratings and testimonials. Read it thoroughly and find out whether the company suits your gift destinations! 

Diyustom Customer Reviews
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First of all, here are the ratings of the abovementioned collectibles:

  • T-Shirt: 4.8/5 from 95 reviews 
  • Doormat: 4.8/5 from 55 reviews 
  • Mug: 4.8/5 from 37 reviews 

Meanwhile, below is what a satisfied buyer said: 

Our doormat arrived, and it’s perfect. It looks the same as the design screen and my father was blown away by it. I can’t thank you enough!

This customer is thankful because the doormat arrives safely at her door. Furthermore, it looks the same as the picture on the website. 

Another buyer said:

It is brilliant quality with great delivery service. I highly recommend.

This customer finds the product high-quality. In addition, the delivery service is helpful, and he recommends it to anyone. 

In short, Diyustom performs exceptionally in providing customizable gifts for everyone. Not only is the quality excellent, but also the delivery comes fast! 

Is Diyustom Worth It?

Well, it is not easy to find a trusted company that sells customizable gifts. But now, you can leave reviews Reddit because Diyustom is highly worth checking out

Is Diyustom Worth It?
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Why so? Because it offers many collections at the most affordable price on the market. Not to mention you can get free shipping if you buy more than $79.99. So, let’s get your desired item now! 

Is Diyustom Legit?

You may think that Diyustom is legit or not. We can tell you that the brand is legit. You can check directly on the website that it has a lot of reviews from consumers.

The total number of reviews on the website is more than 100. It means that Diyustom has a lot of customers. Consumers come from around the world because purchases can be made online. Also, you can look up Diyustom’s legitimacy on the internet.

Scam Detector reports that Diyustom is a legitimate company. It means that Diyustom is a trusted store. You can check it on social media too.

There is evidence that Diyustom has an active social media presence. An example is Diyustom Instagram, which has more than 8000 followers. The posts total more than 180.

Where to Buy Diyustom

The official site is the only place you can buy gifts from this company. Check out your desired products and fill your cart for over $79.99. Then, you will get the free shipping perk. 

You may also use the Hello10 coupon code to buy 2+ and get 10% off. The more you purchase, the more discounts you may get. So, let’s get the offer! 

Diyustom Contact Number

The uncertain customers who need assistance from customer service may get in touch with them at the following methods: 

  • Pop up an email to
  • Ask directly on the Help Desk located on the left side of the official site 
  • Tell your queries in the ticket form 

The team may require 24 hours to respond to your email. So please wait patiently until you receive the reply.

Remember that the company does not provide a phone number. But if you need to meet the crew, here is the address to visit. 

Diyustom Headquarters
Room 1010, 10th Floor, No. 65,
North Fourth Ring West Road
Haidian District, Beijing


Dig deeper on Diyustom

Customers may have more curiosity about this art company. So here is the answer it provides. 

How do you track order on Diyustom?

Customers may track orders by filling in the Order ID and email on this tracking page. 


You have read the whole explanation above. Now you can share your opinion that Diyustom is a legit business. They also provide many products as gifts. Consumers can choose many gifts based on their budgets, too.

Anyway, the price is also quite affordable. The brand always maintains the image of its products so that they have good quality. So, which gift will you purchase for your beloved person? 

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