Ode à la Rose Review

You have the best birthday. Why don’t you try to order birthday flowers from Ode à la Rose? Every bouquet is beautifully arranged so it can feast on the eyes of the person receiving the gift.

Ode à la Rose Review
Image credit: facebook.com/OdealaRose
facebook.com/OdealaRose https://facebook.com/OdealaRose

Louis and Olivier founded this company in 2012 as a longing for the unavailability of beautiful flowers in the USA. These two are Parisians who want to bring premium flowers to the US. 

Its first store was built in Philadelphia and able to send orders on the same and next day delivery. In addition, consumers can order orders with variants of flowers and specific colors.

If you don’t have any idea about arranged flowers, you can pick from our catalog. Ode à la Rose has more than 12 options for birthday flowers. The most favorite birthday flowers are Amelia which is for sale for $107.

The birthday bouquets are dominated by white color flowers. Also, you can choose a birthday bouquet consisting of many colors of flowers, such as yellow, salmon, pink, and blue. An example of many colors of bouquets is Gemma which is for sale at $108.

Ode à la Rose also provides flowers for big moments, small attentions, cheering up, and so on. Due to its fame, you can see this company on New York Post, Inc, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, etc. 

Many loyal customers follow its social media, resulting in more than 21.2K on Instagram and 8K on Facebook. So read this Ode à la Rose review to see the brand thoroughly. Without further ado, continue the reading! 

Why Ode à la Rose?

Maybe you wonder why you have to choose Ode à la Rose. There are a lot of other florists besides Ode à la Rose. We will tell you that not all florist shops offer various catalogs.

Why Ode à la Rose?
Image credit: facebook.com/OdealaRose
facebook.com/OdealaRose https://facebook.com/OdealaRose

First, flower arrangements from unprofessional florist shops sometimes look boring. Only a florist who has high creativity and understands aesthetics is able to arrange a bouquet of flowers to be very beautiful. You can get creative and beautiful bouquets at Ode à la Rose.

The quality of this florist shop is proven by Trustpilot, which gave it a score of 4.4. You can find more than 2,900 reviews about Ode à la Rose.

Furthermore, this company tries to embrace all areas in the US by building several stores. As a result, customers in LA, NYC, Boston, Austin, Brooklyn, and others may order beautiful flowers for their beloved people. 

What's on Ode à la Rose

You are married and want to take care of the relationship. Why don’t you try to buy little attention by using little flowers?

What's on Ode à la Rose
Image credit: facebook.com/OdealaRose
facebook.com/OdealaRose https://facebook.com/OdealaRose

Anyway, you don’t have to buy expensive and large bouquets to show affection to your partner. Instead, just buy small, attention-getting flowers for $58.

It’s quite cheap right now and doesn’t break the monthly budget. You can buy this kind of flower at Ode à la Rose.

You can also buy big bouquets whenever you have big moments, such as weddings, anniversaries, and congratulations. Choose one of the best flowers based on your needs.

Furthermore, customers can also choose the bouquet based on its color. We will inform you that flowers for big moments are offered to consumers starting at $156.

Ode à la Rose Farm Fresh Pink Peonies Reviews

You want to bring fresh pink peonies to your special friend. We recommend that you pick Farm Fresh Pink Peonies by contacting us.

Ode à la Rose Farm Fresh Pink Peonies Reviews
Image credit: odealarose.com
odealarose.com https://odealarose.com

Remember to buy the best vase that is suitable for the peonies. You only have to spend $108 for 10 stems of peonies.

In addition, you can choose flowers with more than 10 stems, such as 15 stems, 20 stems, 25 stems, and so on. But, of course, the price will be different for peonies with a total of 10 stems.

So if you want this on your bae’s hands, start shopping now by clicking the link below immediately! 

Ode à la Rose Farm Fresh White Peonies Reviews

You want to give small amounts of attention to your partner. Just try to give the Farm Fresh White Peonies only for $108.

Ode à la Rose Farm Fresh White Peonies Reviews
Image credit: odealarose.com
odealarose.com https://odealarose.com

Peonies have a philosophical meaning as a flower. It means hope, luck, peace, love, happiness, and a good deed. The flowers have stacked petals as well, but a different shape than roses.

The price includes 10 stems of white peonies. You can add extra attention by bringing her a beautiful vase. These flowers can be arranged beautifully without any mixture of other types of flowers.

Furthermore, the price of the vase ranges from $12 to $30. If you want to bring a bigger peony bouquet, you can buy 20 stems for $162 and 30 stems for $200.

The price is quite low, right? What are you waiting for? Let’s get the offer now! 

Ode à la Rose Mirabelle Reviews

Giving one color of roses is quite boring. Instead, you can try to buy colorful roses that consist of red, pink, and white roses in this Mirabelle bouquet.

Ode à la Rose Mirabelle Reviews
Image credit: odealarose.com
odealarose.com https://odealarose.com

This bouquet consists of small daisy asters and is combined with various other flowers. In the catalog, you can see roses, ranunculus, and fluffy white lisianthus.

The roses are on sale for less than peonies. You only have to spend 12 roses for $85, 24 roses for $141, and 36 roses for $196. This bouquet also has a fragrant scent, such as eucalyptus.

Furthermore, you can give it to your mother as a surprise, too. The color combination is so beautiful that it is suitable to be placed in various corners of the room. 

Then, if you want your beloved person to be happy with this present, start buying this bouquet now! 

Ode à la Rose Locations

As discussed, this company builds stores in several regions in the USA. 7 areas have the store, including: 

Long Island City, NY Los Angeles, CA
Washington, DC Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL Austin, TX
Miami, FL  

These delivery zones provide same-day delivery. Meanwhile, orders outside the abovementioned area will use the next-day perk. 

You may also check the location through Google Maps and see the store’s Chicago photos for more proof. So, are you ready to purchase a bouquet?

Ode à la Rose Pricing

The founders want to provide accessible orders by offering products based on price. This perk is unique because you do not have to force yourself to purchase the most expensive package. Instead, buy the one that suits your budget. 

Below is the list to divide the price categorization: 

<$75 with the lowest price of $58
$75 up to $150
>$150, which the highest one is $392

Don’t forget to subscribe to the official website to earn special deals and exclusive promo codes. So, are you ready to make a bouquet order? 

Ode à la Rose Pros and Cons

We inform you that the whole roses at our shop are fresh and original. It means that it is not an artificial flower.

It will rot one day, so we recommend giving the flower immediately to the person in question. But giving real flowers gives a luxurious impression. In addition, the fresh flowers will give off an attractive aroma.

Another positive side of Ode à la Rose is that it offers quite a number of bouquet variants. You can choose the flowers and colors too.

You can order flowers that are dominated by white, red, pink, and so on. We also provide orchids, peonies, and various other flowers. All the flowers are fresh from the farm.

Furthermore, this article does not write anything about the bad sides because the company works fantastically in providing perfect service and flowers to all customers. 

Ode à la Rose Customer Reviews

In the introduction, this article tells you that the company receives a 4.4/5 rating from 3009 testimonials on Trustpilot. Well, the ratings are high, arent’s it? In the explanation below, let’s see what people say after ordering from this place! 

Ode à la Rose Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/OdealaRose
facebook.com/OdealaRose https://facebook.com/OdealaRose

Here is what a satisfied customer said:

The team sends you a photo of ordered flower and gives notice before and after delivery. The flower is also fresh and beatifully arranged. I’ll order again from this florist.

This customer is happy because the service is incredible. In addition, the flower’s condition is fantastic! She promises to order again from this company. 

Another customer said:

My mom loved the flower arrangement, and the customer service is very responsive to my queries. Thank you so much!

This mom’s customer is delighted because the arrangement is beautiful. Furthermore, customer service is helpful! 

In short, Ode à la Rose provides the best flower and excellent customer service. As a result, most of them give high stars and are satisfied with the purchase. 

Is Ode à la Rose Worth It?

You know that sending a flower to your beloved people means a lot to them. So, thanks to Ode à la Rose, you can send it soon! 

Is Ode à la Rose Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/OdealaRose
facebook.com/OdealaRose https://facebook.com/OdealaRose

I must say that this company is worth checking out because the products are fresh from the oven. Furthermore, the flower arrangement is beautiful, making the recipient delighted.

You do not need to think much. Instead, start booking a bouquet and let the delivery man safely send it to the recipient! 

Ode à la Rose Delivery

Your recipient may be disappointed if the flower does not come fresh. So read the following delivery options to know more about the policy. 

There are two available services, are:

Same-day Delivery 

This service is available in 7 delivery zones. You must place an order before noon to be sent on the same day. 

Next-day Delivery 

This service is available for all orders outside the delivery zones. 

Furthermore, the shipping fee for petit bouquets starts from $4.99. Meanwhile, the bigger one may take $25. The team will send a photo before and after delivery. Thus, you may see the flowers before the recipient receives them from the courier. 

Ode à la Rose Tracking

The sender may be confused if the delivery does not arrive safely. Thus, it is recommended to track the progress through these methods. 

  • Check your order number.
  • Visit the tracking page
  • Fill in the information
  • That’s it! You can see the progress thoroughly until the recipients get the flower. 

Where to Buy Ode à la Rose

Customers who want to place an order may choose between two methods: visit the official website or visit the stores. Both will provide the same service.

If you prefer efficient shopping, the site will be a great help. But if you want to see the actual bouquet before sending it to the recipient, coming to the store may be the best answer.

Whatever option you choose, let’s get the offer immediately and surprise your bae with gorgeous flowers now! 

Ode à la Rose Customer Service

Do you need assistance from customer service? If so, feel free to get in touch with the crew on these methods:

You may also visit the branches that are available in 7 places. Therefore, do not be afraid if you have issues; the crew will gladly help solve them. 


Ode à la Rose is a florist shop that provides many bouquets. You can choose the bouquet based on your needs. The price is different for each bouquet, so you can buy it based on your budget.

Only consumers who can order the flower are domiciled in Chicago, Miami, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, etc. Every bouquet will be delivered directly from us to consumers so that the quality of the bouquet is still good.

So if you want free delivery or buy bulk with wholesale, visit the website or store immediately and start ordering immediately! 

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