NIPYATA is a unique adult pinata designed to add excitement and novelty to any party. The difference from the traditional piñata is that it contains a small liquor bottle (or “nip“) instead of candy.

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But don’t worry. The brand still includes some sweet treats and brand-themed games to keep you entertained. Perfect for parties and holiday gatherings.

By combining innovative and unique piñata, the brand is successful in offering party stuff that brings happiness to adults

The brand’s concept has acquired quite a little interest from each the general public and social media. On Instagram, for example, they have got 26K followers, 4K on Twitter, and 43K on Facebook.

Looking for a great pinata for a party? This NIPYATA review should be your best stop. Here, we will dig deeper into the background of the company, its product list, price, and many more. Read on!

NIPYATA Overview

NIPYATA was founded by a group of passionate and creative individuals who shared a vision for transforming the way adults celebrate special occasions.

The founders have diverse backgrounds, from marketing and product design to operations and logistics. Their collective skills and experience have helped NIPYATA develop and grow as a company.

Under their leadership, the brand has thrived and continues to innovate and expand its product range. The founders are committed to making every NIPYATA experience memorable and enjoyable for their customers.

Staying real to their unique imagination and prescient and continuously searching out new methods to enhance and evolve, the brand team is dedicated to creating each celebration a massive success.

NIPYATA is a brand that has efficaciously reinvented the traditional piñata idea for adults. The company is firmly dedicated to imparting specific and amusing products, making it an awesome desire for the ones searching for a memorable and immersive celebration!


NIPYATA was founded with a mission to bring fun and excitement to adult parties and events by adding an element of surprise and nostalgia.

Realizing that traditional piñatas filled with sweets and toys were more suitable for children’s parties, the team behind the brand saw an opportunity to create a product suitable for an adult audience. Thus, the concept of a piñata filled with mini alcohol bottles, or “nips,” was born.

The company quickly gained traction and popularity, with customers appreciating the mix of fun and novelty that the brand brought to their events.

Every product range expanded to include a variety of designs and themes, ensuring that there was something for every occasion.

From birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties to holiday celebrations, the brand has delighted partygoers with its unique and entertaining piñatas.


NIPYATA offers a variety of pinata options to suit different party themes and tastes. Some of their most popular options are:

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NIPYATA Products

  • Stay Classy Burrito
    A cheeky nod to a stylish and fun night out, the Stay Classy Burrito is perfect for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their party.
  • Party Animals
    Designed for those who love to be wild, this donkey-shaped pinata is sure to make your guests laugh.
  • Flavongo
    A flamingo-shaped pinata, perfect for pool parties and tropical-themed gatherings.
  • Fiesta Trio
    This set includes 3 of his Mini-His Pinatas in different shapes for versatile use at any event.
  • Holiday NIPYATAs
    Seasonal options such as Luck O’ The Irish or Love-struck Cupid add festive fun to your holiday celebrations.

NIPYATA Poppin' Bottles Review

NIPYATA Poppin’ Bottles are perfect for adults who party and have fun like kids. Whether you’re at a bachelorette party, on vacation, exploring the cabin, or having a backyard barbecue, this Pinata can be hung up to destroy and used as a table decoration.

NIPYATA Poppin' Bottles Review
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With this Pinata, you can play games with twists and turns in a traditional piñata experience for adults! Don’t remember how to play piñata? There are instructions on the label! So make your night a huge success!

The brand includes everything you need in this piñata. It includes bandages, sticks, hanging strips, and stickers to seal the holes, so you don’t have to worry about anything but bruising your dirt!

NIPYATA Products Quality

Each NIPYATA has everything you need for an unforgettable party experience. Here’s what to expect when ordering:

Pinata Size Usually 18 to 24 inches in height or width, depending on the design chosen.
Nip Capacity It can hold 10-50 mini liquor bottles, depending on the size and design of the pinata.
Alcohol Selection The brand gives a whole lot of spirits; vodka, tequila, rum, and whiskey. You can personalize your order to fit your flavor preferences.
Candy & Toys In addition to the mini liquor bottle, the brand pinata also comes with an assortment of candies and fun toys to keep the excitement going.
Accessories Each item comes with blindfolds, batons, and hanging ropes, giving you everything you need for an unforgettable party experience.



Are you getting ready for a bachelorette party or birthday party? Then, the brand’s Booze Piñatas and Drinkable Greeting Cards collection are ready to liven up your party!

The piñatas collection starts from just $69.99. In addition, the Drinkable Greeting Cards start at $19.99, including the rules of the game. Need some cookies? The brand has them available for $59.99.

NIPYATA Pros and Cons

NIPYATA has a lot to offer, and we’ve compiled some goods and drawbacks about this brand so you can weigh them wisely.


  • Unique and Fun
    The brand takes the traditional pinata concept to a whole new level, creating exciting memories for each meeting. 
  • Customizable
    With a wide range of designs and alcohol options, you can customize your pinata to suit your party theme and tastes.
  • Great Icebreaker
    The brand adds an interactive element to your party, encouraging guests to come together and have fun.
  • Suitable for Different Occasions
    Piñata is available in plenty of designs and themes. So you may get the proper pinata on your party, whether or not it’s miles for a web website hosting a birthday, bachelorette, or vacation party.
  • Easy to set up
    Every Piñata is simple to set up. Also, they come with all of the important accessories.


  • Availability
    The brand currently only ships within the US. This is unfortunate for international party planners.
  • Not suitable for all ages
    While the concept is undeniably entertaining, the brand targets an adult audience for its alcoholic content. For family-friendly events, you may want to consider alternative entertainment options.

Is NIPYATA Worth It?

Have you ever made your piñata before a party? It’s a hassle. Luckily, NIPYATA provides a range of piñatas, drinkable cards, and advent calendars.

Is NIPYATA Worth It?
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They are made to suit any occasion and come at affordable prices. Aside from the variety of products, price, and good quality, the excellent customer reviews on Amazon indicate that this brand is worth buying.

NIPYATA Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

The brand has received rave reviews from customers who have experienced the pleasure firsthand. So before you purchase a product, it’s worth looking at customer testimonials. Here’s what they have to say:

NIPYATA Customer Reviews
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facebook.com/NIPYATA https://facebook.com/NIPYATA

The brand’s pinata is rated 4.5/5 stars. A customer gave a perfect rating to the brand’s pinata because it came with excellent quality, and everyone loved it. She said:

The pinata was a huge hit at my sister’s bachelorette party! Everyone loved the idea! It was a great way to break the ice and start the party!

Next, the Drinkable Cards received a rating of 4.4/5 stars. A happy customer rated this item perfectly because the alcohol came in just the right flavor. She said:

I ordered the Stay Classy Burrito for my friend’s birthday party, and it was a total blast! The design was hilarious, and the selection of alcohol and candy was perfect. I’ll be ordering again for future events!

Again, another happy customer said:

We used the Fiesta Trio for our office holiday party, and it was such a fun, unique activity. Everyone had a great time, and the customization options allowed us to cater to different tastes. Highly recommend!

As you can see, the brand’s products have a tremendous total rating. Customers love how it comes with an attractive design, pleasing the eyes of everyone who sees it. So, we agree with other customers to recommend this brand.

NIPYATA Customer Service

How To Contact NIPYATA

Do you have any questions? Ask the customer service team for help. They will be happy to help with everything you need. Then, submit your ticket via email to hola@nipyata.com. Moreover, you can also write in the form provided on the official website.

Where To Buy NIPYATA

Apart from getting the products online at nipyata.com, you can also get them at the closest store. They are spread across San Francisco, Marin County, Los Angeles, NYC, Hoboken, Orlando, and Boston. For fast delivery, you can visit the Store Locator page. Just call, and they’ll deliver right away!


NIPYATA is the perfect shop to buy a classic piñata with a fresh and entertaining spin. They have piñatas with unique designs and customizable alcohol options. It makes a great addition to any adult gathering.

From birthday celebrations and bachelorette parties to holiday events, NIPYATA’s extensive product range ensures something for everyone. In addition, looking at the overall experience and positive customer feedback makes it a worthwhile investment.

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