About Shire Post Mint

Shire Post Mint is a small family-run company. They produce fantasy coins that are licensed. The company began with Tom Maringer, who loved collecting coins as a child.

About Shire Post Mint
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facebook.com/ShirePostMint https://facebook.com/ShirePostMint

Besides, Tom is also good at making knives. From his experience, he eventually became adept at making coins. Finally, in 2001 Shire Post Mint was established.

Over the next few years, the coin became more and more perfect and was even looked at by some famous people, one of them a book author, George R.R Martin.

Online followers and fans also increased over time. As a result, the types and shapes of coins are getting more varied. Some even collaborate with famous series such as Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

It proves that our licensed coin products have been widely recognized. Moreover, to verify that this product has advantages and uniqueness, here is the best product review about the shape, price, and other details that will inspire you to have this licensed coin as your best collection.

Next, we visited their social media to get a sense of the brand’s reputation online. They gained many followers that continue to grow significantly: 85K on TikTok, 22K on Instagram, and 9.5K on Facebook.

So, are you looking for a unique and unusual gift idea? If so, Shire Post Mint Review might be your one-stop shop. Just below, you will see their bestselling collections. Let’s get started!

Why Shire Post Mint?

Apart from the meaning of each type of coin, you can also enjoy the uniqueness of the design if you have this product. You can make the coin into your collection or make it as a necklace.

In addition, You will find coins in not only this shop but also other aesthetic items such as jewelry and wax seals.

Shire Post Mint Highlights

  • Lots of unique coin choices
  • Fast shipping
  • Good Quality Packing
  • Solid Coins
  • Offering a gift guide
  • Affordable price

What's On Shire Post Mint

Coins are made of solid iron and solid copper. With an easy-to-carry weight and size, the coin can be kept in a pocket or used as a necklace.

There are many shapes and motifs that have meaning and are collabs with famous series. There are also some other additional accessories that you can get at Shire Post Mint, such as:

So far, you must have started looking at which items you’re going to choose. There are so many choices, right? Well, don’t worry. This brand will provide the most appropriate choice for you!

Shire Post Mint Memento Mori/ Memento Vivere Coin Review

Remember that you have to die” that’s the Latin meaning of the Memento Mori. It is a solid copper coin that represents the medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of mortality. It is a reminder to always consider that life, goods, and pursuits are temporary.

Shire Post Mint Memento Mori/ Memento Vivere Coin Review
Image credit: shirepost.com
shirepost.com https://shirepost.com

But on the other hand, the brand has added to this concept Memento Vivere, which means “Remember you have to live.” So, there is a balance in life that both must accept.

The shape of this coin is octagonal and made of copper with extraordinary detail. You can use this coin as a gift for your special occasion or as a complementary accessory.

It is also very suitable because of the contrasting color, thus matching with a leather wallet and micarta knife handle.

All orders will be packaged in a handwritten and wax-sealed envelope by the brand, and the brand will beautifully handwrite the name on the address.

If you are ordering this as a gift and would like to customize the name on the envelope, you can do so during the order in the personalization option.

On the packaging, we also include a description of the coin, so don’t worry about forgetting the meaning of your coin collection.

This unique coin is only $17.00, so hurry up and get it before this unique coin is out of stock!

Shire Post Mint Blood Moon Copper Coin Review

This coin features a 136,794,240:1 scale design on its surface, inlaid with solid copper and expert Patinah, further enhancing its moon-like details. The design is very neat and impressive.

Shire Post Mint Blood Moon Copper Coin Review
Image credit: shirepost.com
shirepost.com https://shirepost.com

This coin is one of the most favored by buyers because it is often used as a reminder of important moments.

The weight of only 14 grams makes it easy for coin owners to carry it around. Therefore, this coin is perfect as a fidgeting, gift, or reminder coin.

For packaging, the brand constantly equalizes with the other coins’ packaging. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the delivery process of your package.

Even though this is just a coin but your coin will be provided with museum quality, be assured that the packaging method is second to none.

This blood moon coin can be yours for only $10.00, add it to your collection now, and the moon will be in your hands.

Shire Post Mint Iron Coin Of the Faceless Man Review

If you are a loyal fan of the Game of Thrones series, then this coin will be your favorite choice. Why? Because this coin was the one that the strange Jaqen H’ghar gave to Arya Stark. Very interesting for a collection, isn’t it?

Shire Post Mint Iron Coin Of the Faceless Man Review
Image credit: shirepost.com
shirepost.com https://shirepost.com

This coin is made of solid iron with a weight of 5 grams. It has 2 sides that show incredible detail.

On the obverse, there is a man in a hood with an unknown face, and the unique thing is that the figure can shift, determined by the lighting.

The reverse of the coin shows that Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris are written all over the monogram VDVM: Everyone must die, everyone must serve.

The Standard Packing of each coin is the same, so don’t worry and hesitate if you want to order. Your package will arrive safely and neatly.

Be quick to buy before it runs out; for only $14.00, you can add to your Game of Thrones collection items. So, what are you waiting for? Get the offer now!

Shire Post Mint Pricing

One of the considerations before buying is the price. By knowing the price offered, you can prepare your budget accordingly. Fortunately, Shire Post offers prices that are quite worthy of their quality.

To do a custom coin on this brand, you can start with $10.00 to $40.00. Then, you can browse the Shop or Gift Guides page to see the list.

Fancy a discount? There’s good news for you! The brand always organizes SALE & discounts on some of its products, even if it’s not during a specific festive event.

Just visit the SALE page to find out. You’ll find a coupon code to enjoy right in your basket if you’re lucky.

Shire Post Mint Pros & Cons

After exploring more about the brand, we found that some pros and cons exist from several aspects, such as price and shipping.


  • Quality packing
  • Fast delivery
  • 5-star review
  • Affordable Price


  • Not available to ship to some countries yet

Is Shire Post Mint Worth It?

Shire Post Mint is a worthy company if you want to gift authentic and quality engraved coins. Here are the reasons:

Is Shire Post Mint Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/ShirePostMint
facebook.com/ShirePostMint https://facebook.com/ShirePostMint
  • Greg Franck-Weiby, the brand’s engraver, uses the same chisel engraving technique for the Leif Ericsson Vinland coins used in the 9th and 10th centuries.
  • The brand only uses 2D coin designs. In the first stage, they sketch by hand, then determine the level of subtlety in the design: texture & depth, depending on the engraver in the next step.
  • In some levels of complexity, the brand often uses a pantograph machine to start the process. The machines are also known as pantograph mills or reduction lathes.
  • The brand performs all its processes carefully, creating beautiful coin engravings. The rotating drill bit on the engraving machine will cut the same motion into the steel. As a result, the engraving with this machine is very basic and rough, so all the finishing will be done by hand.

Shire Post Mint Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

This Shire Post Mint review would not be complete without customer feedback to clearly prove that the brand is worth buying. Through its official website, the brand is very open to letting you know the rating they get from customers.

Shire Post Mint Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/ShirePostMint
facebook.com/ShirePostMint https://facebook.com/ShirePostMint

On the customer reviews page, the brand lists its rating as 4.93 out of 5 stars from 5210 customer reviews.

In the first review, a customer shared his experience in replacing his necklace chain. This buyer expressed that she was very satisfied with the brand’s service. She said:

I have replaced the necklace with an amber necklace that my wife has made for me. It looks very nice with the misshaped beads and detailing on the pendant. I am happy with it and have had several comments over the last few days.

Next, we spotted a customer who expressed great satisfaction with the brand’s work. The detailing and handmade are very much felt in the result. This customer said:

The worry stone has a nice weight, so it has a nice feel in your hand. The triangular side is a little rougher, but the texture works for me, and it’s great to fiddle with.

The next customer expressed his review quite succinctly: it’s decent. Below is what he said:

I almost don’t want to open any of these, but they are worthy of a gift. Great value. Look exceptional. Thank you for letting me know.

On visiting this customer reviews page, most customers expressed satisfaction with the brand’s performance. In addition, they expressed a positive response to their orders with this brand. Thus, we agree that this brand is legit and worthy of your trust.

Shire Post Mint Customer Service

How To Contact Shire Post Mint

Have some questions about this brand? Use this form to submit your question. In addition, you can also use the following ways to connect with the brand’s customer service:

52 W. Main St, West Fork, AR, United States, Arkansas

Where To Buy Shire Post Mint

You can head to the brand’s social media to check out the brand profile and order commemorative merchandise.

Additionally, the brand also sells merchandise through various retailers and distributors around the world, as well as through our website and social media. Here is the list:

Retailers Museum Replicas
Medieval Collectibles
Forbidden Planet Int. (U.K. and U.S.)
Forbidden Planet Ltd. (U.K.)
La Boutique (France)
By the Sword
Big Bad Toy Store
Entertainment Earth
Mighty Ape (N.Z.)
BinaryGuys.de (Germany)
Quite Bizarre (U.K. and Europe)
Get Digital (Germany)
Dragon Impact (Canada)
La Geekerie (France)
J & K Comics and Toys
Major trade distributors Diamond Previews
Entertainment Earth


What can we help you find?

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Shire Post Mint Review.

Where is Shire Post Mint located?

Shire Post Mint is located in West Fork, Arkansas.


From all the descriptions above, we bet you’ll love this thing. The most awesome part is that it can be an alternative to finding a gift to give someone. 

Browse for amazing coins at Shire Post Mint and add them to your collection. All the coins in this store are worth buying. You will feel satisfied once these coins are in your hands.

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