Get To Know GroupGreeting

What exactly is GroupGreeting? Simply put, GroupGreeting is a great platform to create and send a virtual group card that can be signed by unlimited people. 

Get To Know GroupGreeting
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Anthony Doctolero, a founder, launched this platform in 2009. It started when he received a package with a friend’s birthday scrapbook that was sent discreetly for him to sign. Since then, he came up with the idea to make simple and efficient digital cards. 

This platform is dedicated to helping businesses express their thoughts for remote teams through a card. Over 30,000,000 messages of appreciation were sent using this electronic card by more than 10,000 businesses in 195 countries.

As seen on social media, this platform has gained popularity with 2.6k+ followers on Instagram and 1.2k+ followers on Facebook. The content seems well-organized and engaging to those who visit it.

If you’re looking for a nice way to share your appreciation, we’ve got you covered in the GroupGreeting review. Keep on scrolling!

Why GroupGreeting?

GroupGreeting has partnered with to save trees. They donate some of their income to plant trees in areas most devastated by deforestation and wildfires.

Of course, it means you also contribute to restoring the world’s forests with every purchase of your card.

Besides that, we figured out a couple of reasons you can rely on this platform. Check on our list below:

GroupGreeting Highlights

  • Create an online card in less than 1 minute 
  • 30-days refund policy
  • It’s easy to connect with distant teams or loved one 
  • More eco-friendly to save paper
  • It can be customized to match your interests

What's On GroupGreeting

At GroupGreeting, designing greeting cards is much easier now. There are multiple interesting design templates you can use depending on your occasion, as mentioned:

Not to mention the other occasion such as seasonal days, weddings, thank you, graduation, and more celebrations.

Here, users can customize their virtual group cards with unlimited pages and signers quickly and effortlessly. It’s such a great opportunity, right?

GroupGreeting Review

With GroupGreeting, it only takes three easy steps to customize a digital group greeting card to celebrate your colleagues’ birthdays, weddings, graduations, and many more. 

GroupGreeting Review
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All you need is to select an online card, invite people to sign, and the card is delivered. That’s it! 

The best part? The platform also offers gift cards from 350+ merchants, such as Amazon, Target, Uber Eats, etc. You can add these gift cards to your online card as an additional token of appreciation.

To get started, we suggest you try the demo first and see how the card works before selecting your design. 

Ease of Use
9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10
Value for Money
8.0 8/10

How Does GroupGreeting Work?

First thing first, you have to decide on your electronic card from 30+ different occasion options. For example, if you want to congratulate your coworkers’ birthday, click “Birthday” on the first page of the website. Then tap “use this card”. 

How Does GroupGreeting Work?
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After that, you need to edit your card by entering the recipient’s name and setting up a mailing schedule. Oh! Feel free to design your greeting card by adding text and photos as you wish. 

Invite your colleagues and friends to the virtual gift card to sign and leave wishes. Once finalized, the signed electronic card will be emailed to the recipient on your chosen date. 

GroupGreeting vs. Kudoboard

What Is The Difference Between Kudoboard And GroupGreeting?

Due to the high competition, people often compare these two platforms when selecting a group greeting card. With that in mind, we made a table comparison to simplify your search:

  GroupGreeting Kudoboard
Price $93 (25 cards) or $4.99/card $99 (25 cards) or $5.99/card
Development Cloud-based  Cloud-based
Package Multiple recipients, signers, and bulk card creation Unlimited boards and posts 
Support Options Email/Help Desk, FAQs, Live Chat Email, FAQs/Forum, Chat

Basically, both platforms have their own advantages. However, GroupGreeting offers more eye-catching design options at a lower cost.

How Much GroupGreeting Cost?

In terms of price, GroupGreeting offers four packages with different access to customize your card. Here are the details:

Single Card Sapling (Save 25%) Grove (Save 30%) Forest (Save 40%)
$4.99 $93
$3.72 per card 
$3.48 per card
$2.99 per card
1 card 25 cards 50 cards 100 cards

For single card, it includes the following:

  • Unlimited pages & signers
  • Optional gift cards
  • Add GIFs and photos

While for the other packages, every group greeting card includes the following:

  • Company logo
  • Unlimited signers
  • Additional users
  • Multiple recipients
  • Bulk card creations

The good news is you can earn a coupon or promo code at the website to save your plan. Visit its website and unlock the best price!

GroupGreeting Pros & Cons

Take a closer look at the following pros and cons to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of using this group greeting platform.

GroupGreeting Pros 

  • Available in plenty of designs templates
  • Easy to edit and add GIFs or image
  • Easy to invite signers through the URL link
  • You only need a minute to create a card
  • You can schedule the card to send 
  • More affordable 

GroupGreeting Cons

  • It’s an amazing website with a great concept, but it would be best if the recipient could reply to the greeting card after receiving it.

Is GroupGreeting Legit?

The short answer is yes! The website is legit, and you can access all the plans easily. The website is owned by Stergeron LLC, a California limited liability company. 

Again, this website is safe and far from being a scam or anything else. So, please stop worrying about its legitimacy of it.

Is GroupGreeting Worth To Try?

We confidently assure you that GroupGreeting is definitely worth buying. This is the best platform you can use to share your appreciation through an online greeting card with an unlimited number of pages. 

You can try the demo for free and explore the available designs before committing to the plan. Additionally, the platform offers a 30-return policy in case you want to cancel your membership.

GroupGreeting Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

There are hundreds of testimonials available for consideration to gain more trust on this platform. Well, it has 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 718 reviews, as seen on the website. 

The first customer mentioned:

It’s easier than sending a physical card. It’s also great for staff to sign the card! And when people didn’t sure what need to say, they can add a sticker instead. A huge selection of graphics to choose from for the card cover & I’m very excited …

From the statement above, one happy customer appreciated the excellent features of designing greeting cards. 

Another happy buyer explained:

There is an impressive selection of card designs for any occasion. It’s more efficient to get a group of people to sign a card for someone quickly. Plus, you can also create the cards more interactive …

With hundreds of designs and ease of use, one customer found it exciting and helpful for quickly organizing card layouts.

One customer said:

The website has easy-to-use format with several designs to choose from for many occasions. The designs are also updated and interesting, so there’s always a variety to send to the whole team! …

Again, customers are delighted with the various designs used for different events. It truly saves a lot of time and thought.

Overall, most customers love the excellent service provided. All features can be used easily to create memorable group greeting cards. If you need more 5-star reviews, head over to its website.

How To Contact GroupGreeting

If there’s something you want to ask more thoroughly, please reach out to customer service by sending a message to the email address below:

The team will respond to your message as quickly as possible within the same business day.

Where To Order GroupGreeting

The only way to access GroupGreeting is by visiting its official website. The website is easy to navigate, so you never have to worry about that. 


Some users ask the following FAQs while looking for GroupGreeting reviews. Thus, we provide you with the best answer to support your quest.

Are GroupGreeting Cards Free?

Each group greeting card should be paid for $4.99 + tax. Or you can choose the annual plans to save more. 

How To Login In GroupGreeting?

Visit the website. Click “register” to create your free account. Then, you can login to the account to get started. 


If you’ve got a friend having a special day, don’t hesitate to send them a greeting card. One greeting card can be more meaningful than a bunch of messages on your phone. Simply turning over the card and seeing what’s written on it is much more satisfying.

You can create your virtual card in GroupGreeting. It’s much more simple than a physical greeting card. You can find hundreds of templates there, and your friends can also sign the online card with add interactive gifs or photos. 

Let’s spread happiness to others!

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