Anthemion Flowers Reviews

Why Anthemion Flowers?

Anthemion Flowers is an online flower shop based in Greece that sells and sends a variety of unique flowers and plants overseas as well as bouquets for all occasions.

Anthemion Flowers Reviews
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Since 1992, the company’s mission is to help people express various emotions in happy and unhappy moments from weddings, birthdays, births, anniversaries, to condolences.

Anthemion Flowers Highlights

  • Provides high-quality and fresh flowers and plants.
  • Flowers are delivered (same day delivery) to more than 100 countries at all times.
  • A unique flower and plant product for every occasion with affordable prices.
  • Partners with local flower shops globally to help customers get orders ready.
  • They are professional and committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Discounts and offers are available online.

As viewed on social media, it has 24k likes and 24k followers on Facebook, and 1.5k followers on Instagram. It’s also rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from worldwide customers in over 100 countries, including the U.S. So, it shows that this online shop is internationally recognized and offers safe shipping worth trying.

To show you whether this online flower shop is worth a try, this Anthemion Flowers review will cover the details of their 3 flower products for your first-time delivery order. So, read further to find out.

What’s on Anthemion Flowers

Anthemion Flowers is the solution to help you choose the right type of flowers to send for every occasion. They can be a great gift to surprise the recipients. In good or bad times, the recipient will be feeling impressed and at ease for the flower gifts they get.

Their collections that are available to support your feelings and emotions, include:

  • Occasions— anniversary, birthday, excuse me, I Love You, congratulations and graduation, good recovery, grand opening, etc.
  • Plants— indoor and outdoor plants, green plants, flowering plants, etc.
  • Flowers— roses, seasonal flowers, gerbera, chrysanthemum, and lilium.
  • Gifts— bouquets and flower arrangements.

Which product should you choose for your first delivery? No worries, we have three options to make your special delivery much easier.

Anthemion Flowers Splash of Color Review

Anthemion Flowers Splash of Color is a great addition to celebrating Mother’s Day, birthdays, or a romantic moment with your special ones. This is a colorful addition that brings special attention to your most favorite recipient.

Anthemion Flowers Splash of Color Review
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With 12 beautiful splashes of roses to appease your loved ones with, the roses come in red, yellow, and orange colors. Hence, these colorful roses are synonymous with positive energy, passion and love.

Your order will be personally delivered to the recipient nicely and beautifully decorated with ribbons and gift wraps.

Your privacy will also be guaranteed. So, don’t miss out on the chance to make your special ones smile. Don’t hesitate to contact their customer service for pricing and same-day delivery details.

Anthemion Flowers Pink Elegance Review

Prefer an elegant and soft type of flower arrangement? The Anthemion Flowers Pink Elegance is the right type for you.

Anthemion Flowers Pink Elegance Review
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Soft pink roses are associated with tenderness and admiration, and can also be used as an expression of sympathy.

These types of roses are perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day and for first dates. Not only that, in some cultures, giving roses of this color is a traditional way of saying thank you, on Mother’s Day, for example.

Send this flower bouquet of 12 pink roses in same-day delivery anywhere in the U.S. today. Say your gratitude to your loved ones with the tenderness and elegance of pink roses. Visit their website for information to get the best deals.

Anthemion Flowers Bouquet of Harmony Review

What about white roses? Anthemion Flowers Bouquet of Harmony presents innocent and natural white roses that will help you convey a message of warmth, togetherness, or even sympathy to your recipient.

Anthemion Flowers Bouquet of Harmony Review
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In fact, white roses are traditional wedding flower that conveys the meaning of unity, virtue and purity of a new love. It’s also perfect to show sympathy for a loss.

So, make these 12 white roses Bouquet of Harmony the flower of your choice. Once you choose, specify the delivery date and destination or address of the recipient. Then, Anthemion Flowers will express your feelings with a fast and cheap same-day delivery system.

Anthemion Flowers Pricing

From the cheapest to the most expensive one, you can choose based on your budget. They have a wide range of special flowers that will suit every need.

The price varies based on how rare the flowers are. If you prefer to buy best-selling items, of course, the price will be a bit higher than the regular ones.

The brand sells their flowers starting from $100 – $300. Even if the price seems a bit pricey, but it is really worth it for your loved ones. What’s the price if the gift makes your special one happy at a special moment? You can check their website to find suitable ones.

Anthemion Flowers Pros and Cons

Online flower delivery services, such as Anthemion Flowers have their pros and cons. Anyway, here’s the review from cost, quality, and all that matters.


  • It’s efficient, time-saving, and convenient.
  • Adding a personal message is included in all purchases.
  • Easy online process and good customer service.
  • Delivery on the same day, where the quality of the flowers will be fresh, since Anthemion
  • Flowers partners with your local florist and will send flowers all over the U.S. and many other countries.


  • Some flowers are seasonal. The recipient’s favorite flowers that you want to order during a certain season will be replaced with other seasonal flowers.
  • Can’t see the flowers directly. So, you can’t feel the emotion that is suitable for giving flowers as a surprise to the recipient.

Is Anthemion Flowers Worth It?

Who doesn’t like a surprise gift? Of course, everyone deserves that. So do your loved ones. You can choose unique, special, yet affordable flowers to be your option as a gift!

Is Anthemion Flowers Worth It?
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Anthemion Flowers provides the best flowers not without any reason. There are lots of perks that you, as a customer, will get. Great services like fast shipping and a super responsive customer support team will satisfy you to shop for this brand.

Moreover, they often hold promos and deals in special events, like Black Friday. Of course, by this, you can make your loved one happy while not making you break your bank. How is it? Ready to give a gift?

Anthemion Flowers Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

For some people, customer testimonials play an important role in whether they decide to buy products from the brand or not. So are you, right? In this section, we provide you with what the customers think about the brand. However, there are lots of them, so we’ll provide some. Let’s hear!

Anthemion Flowers Customer Reviews
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One customer gives a comment after purchasing products from the brand:

The brand has really amazing service! The flowers arrived so fast and beautifully arranged and it is carefully selected. They notified me when the product was delivered. I was so much appreciated. With this, I am so strongly recommend Anthemion Flowers, without any hesitation.

Another customer raves about the service quality:

I already used their delivery service twice and all of them went perfect! The same day delivery was great, the bouquet were nice, and so convenient website for placing order. I would easily recommend!

A verified customer is happy with many things from the brand:

Just one thing to say: Great service! I made a mistake in one of my order but the customer service team sorted very effeciently and quickly. Not only that, but my loved one was very happy with the gifts. It’s arrived on time and in the perfect condition. By this, I would highly recommend this florist.

Most of them give positive feedback about the brand. We like that they’re true with the same sound, great service quality, beautiful flowers, and affordable options to be gifts! Now is the time for you to navigate their website and purchase products from them.

Anthemion Flowers Customer Service

Really need to get in touch with the brand’s customer service? You can contact them in the following ways:

Unfortunately, there is no information about when they’re available. But don’t worry. As we check testimonials from many customers, they have professionals that will answer any questions quickly.

Where To Buy Anthemion Flowers

The brand gives simplicity to buying products from them. You’ll get your products straight to your door the same day you order! By this, you don’t need to shop in any other place.

You can directly visit their official website and find the best one that makes your loved one very happy with your gift.


Wherever and whenever you want to find the best flower delivery service that can help you send the best flower arrangements to your loved ones, read this Anthemion Flowers review. The right suggestions for your flower needs can be resolved by visiting their international delivery website.

So, any flower gift sent overseas will be appropriate for any occasion. And, knowing each type of flower with a certain color will help you choose your special gift. Coupled with soothing words for a message as a complement to the bouquet is also ready to be delivered. Happy flower shopping!

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