updated: 07/02/2020

Here you can find the things I’m currently using in game right now to make my sims look the way they do and the main mods that I use for gameplay. Since my “sim style” is always evolving — bouncing back and forth between full on maxis match and somewhere around maxis mix, this list gets updated frequently where I swap out older links for things like default eyes and overlays for new ones.

Please let me know in the comments if any of the links break so I can try to get it fixed.

Note for Beginners: If you’re new to installing custom content, check out this step-by-step guide.



Skin Overlays:


Skin Details:

Eyebrows & Baby Hairs:





Food Texture Replacement:

Custom Foods & Recipes:

Favorite Gameplay Mods:


Go to MM Hair Creators:

oakiyo / kiarazurk / aharris00britney / greenllamas / saurussims / marsosimsdbasiasimbr / dogsill / candysims4 / hellagoodsims / imvikai / xldsims / stephanine-sims/ simstrouble / savvysweet / okruee / ice-creamforbreakfast / syaovubirkschenaevys-sims / shespeaksimlish / simminginchi

Go to MM Clothes Creators:

kumikya / simsontherope / marvinsims / rustysims / ridgeport / saurussimsliliili-sims / pixelunivairsetrillyke / storylegacysims / nolan-sims / simlaughlove / renorasims / clumsyalienn / candysims4 / viiavizeussimbrianitesimsnucrests / simgguk / onyxsimssimmingbee


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